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This page is a crowd translation project for Chai Jidan's novel "Are You Addicted?" Volumes 1 and 2 from Chinese to English.

This is the original novel on which the Chinese web drama series "Addicted" (also called "Heroin") was based.

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Volume 1: Throbbing Youth

  • Chapters 1-7 PDF File Link (Senzaemon, Rae Lee, et. al) CH1, CH2, CH3, CH4, CH5, CH6, CH7
  • Chapter 8-111 PDF File Link (Estreline, Sienna, Grantye):GDriveLink
  • Chapter 112-208 (Ongoing Translations by Sae, Estreline, Sienna, Grantye, Nancy): http://saehan01.com/

Volume 2: Passionate Flames

Fan Fictions

Author's Spinoff Story of Yang Meng and You Qi

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Are you waiting desperately for the second season of Addicted Web Series? Are you not afraid of spoilers because the only way to quench the thirst (or, if you're a more serious case, to satisfy the addiction) somewhat is to find out what happens next in this addictive story? The pace of translating the long online novel from Chinese into English so far has been painfully slow. Until now! With your help and a wiki interface like that of Wikipedia, we can greatly speed up the progress. You can contribute as little as fixing a punctuation, or more such as spreading the word about this project, sharing ideas, copying and pasting the original Chinese source text into Google Translate and posting the result, proofreading, or translating as many words or chapters to your heart's content. Any contribution is welcome. Every small bit counts. Let's do it for the love of this beautiful story. 

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