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BOOK 1 Chapter 136 "Throbbing pains of youth" Successful BLY counterattack

The opening day approaches,two men in the house not going out- everyday with stacks of paper in front of them to worry about.

The <conclusion still very sick> just to give final result, the teacher will look at the process of <threatened>  division of labor to both one person to do half :)

In the room is a full bed where next to it are two new desk, unused from the time it was bought and returned 3 times now; thus they work on the bed all the time.

BLY lying on the bed, the back of his hand supporting his chin, watching the dense text while yawning, almost drooling to the paper.

GH looked at him, distressed and said. "You have to sleep if you are sleepy, I will finish the rest"

Bai LuoYin shook his head then patted on his side - "lie back"

"why?" asked GH while turning to BLY.

BLY becoming impatient "If I asked you to lie down- you need to lie down- come over!"

With a puzzled look, GH went to BLY's side and laid down at the bed; having done that- BLY put his head on GH's bottom.

"and now he wants to use my butt as a pillow?" GH thought and smiled faintly.

Seeing that BLY is getting comfortable;he cannot help asking " we have pillows... are you not using one?"

"Pillows are not as soft as your butt." BLY answered nonchalantly.

"you really are stupid...." GH chided gently, his heart so full ; fleeting like a butterfly knowing that BLY is lying comfortably at his body, seriously looking like a picture, but less flexible.. (0_0)

Feeling the stare from GH, his sharp eyes sought attention warning a "dry down to business quickly" air

GH turned his head after a while and said "I am getting tired lying on my tummy."

BLY was considerate enough to change his position away from GH's butt for the other to get comfortable.

GH quickly cleared his throat, saying cheekily "I did not mean it like that, what I mean was since you laid on my butt for long, can we do the same with me on your butt?"

"You can't do that" BLY rebuffed.

"Why the hell not!" GH retorted "I let you lie on me, why can't I lie on you?! why the hell not?"

You will lie to me with motive."

GH made a sound, his eyes suddenly flaming- spread out a bit- clutching on the sheets - feeling  like a predator with a meal, like a tiger approached BLY slowly..

BLY held his hands up stopping the raging GH - coldly shrugged

"GuHai behave! we do not have much time for this. we need to finish the task"

"But I want to" GH answered. With the advantage being on top, he licked BLY on the ears, down to his chest, tugged at BLY's pants;pulling it off in one go.... showing two straight legs- with a pair of boxers tenting a small hill.

GH discovered BLY as a typical male,  fooling groggily, pretending to be cold undisturbedly decent-but once teased, can be more  stimulated faster than anyone else.

It has been more than a month that GH has not touched BLY this way- he thought. separated by the thin layer of the cloth, GH gently kissed "little yi-zin" his tongue making the brief wet, making BLY blush faintly, GH's mouth on the head until it tilted and began to be visible on the edges.

BLY felt comfortable but aroused, wanting more as the thin layer of cloth still separates him from GH, cannot satisfy the itch inside.

"I want to lick it directly" GH said vulgarly. "so you can come into my mouth."

BLY ferociously stared at GH, after all,<put down no less than the face> dully replied "go ahead."

GH quickly did as he was told, exposed the head partially from the underwear removing it and the same time- licking the head with his tongue, gently encircling it with his fingers,pumping it a couple of times.

BLY waist shook with the action, breathing heavily- whole face blushing red...looked down at GH's tongue moving and licking seductively...

BLY stood up and pressed GH head down further.

The familiar heat wrapped around BLY, every night- in his fantasies he remembers this, <often think it will pass up>

He suddenly pulled GH legs under, who at first did not understand what is happening, then felt pants being ripped off- his heart stirring suddenly

"BLY is offering  a....?, this is the first time GH felt so craved!"

BLY leaned down to adjust his position, close enough for GH to feel his longing- pulling , touching , licking and nipping with a bit of pain exclusively to his "man jewels"

His eyes burning, GH gave a cry for the extraordinary stimulus he is getting - going back to what he was doing- giving the same urgency to "little yi-zin's care" going faster; BLY gave a grunt sense of enthusiasm for the time being that he forgot their fear and exclusion, latched his mouth onto "little hai-zin" tugging and gently twitching  felt GH shaking.

"Cool...."GH without any shame poured out his feelings "my baby,my LuoYin..."

BLY said to GH, "you're really a show-off"

GH also gave all his loving to BLY,stimulating him vigorously sucking the next two balls, you can hear loud sucking sound on both of them, licking all the way down along the dense round buttocks of BLY making him writhe and leg tremble - adding a nasal hum with the sucking- asked "who is more a show-off"

BLY felt-often not from direct stimulation of sensory contact with each other but from the response, GH continued to hum and suck, his heart has a heatwave tumbling- now cannot wait to put up from GH -

GH also did not think much,his greedy mouth hovering close in around half a day looking at the mouth there is an invinsible "shrink shrink-blop" and the wound is healed- pain from  psychological sin forgotten in his heart.

Ignoring all the negative impact brought about that, simply focusing on the sensations assaulting his body now, really extreme pleasure coursing through, cannot think--one would like to  suffer such crime again and again.

BLY now cooled down started - fingers poking on GH who is still catching his breath

"I remember someone owes me a do."

GH smiled though embarrassed - "Japan,longer"

BLY dropped on GH body mouth close to his ear - optional day as collision, it would <comin>

GH flee - dropping on the ground that held the papers- struggling -- "you see, we did not finish much of our work yet"

BLY retorted back still naked.. "I would rather go back left standing, comin have to put avenged"

GH laid on his back - thought of BLY lying for five days before-felt deflated; did not move at all.

BLY started on GH this time, wiped a little oil on GH's- slipped and slithered in, then suddenly breath- with a shiver of pleasure

tight... turned cool....

BLY cannot wait to plunge again ...

Room sounded like pigs being slaughtered as GH suddenly roared.

"<I am the grass>...hurts me... you are too hard right?...

BLY holds on to GH, pumped twice ho no pity meaning.. "ah you give me a little push, what did you call the bleeding? that day did I not felt like that, so as you say ah?"

Gu also continued crying, pain is one thing, my heart is the most important should be separated. He wanted to be there when he is there should be no room for others to know. for BLY to look for another lover

BLY continued his actions,too carried away with the sensation, even issued intermittent hum chirping sides of the hair, shaking, sweat rolling down to cool his handsome face, though more sexier and charming due to arousal.

BLY have never seen the face of such sharp emotion expressed, both of them feeling more vigor, high spirited, uninhibited... GH looked away at the back- gritting teeth, enduring the pain, brushing pain away- thinking only of BLY's  excited expression- felt everything is worth it.

Finally BLY growled, panting, injected hot torrent inside GH buttocks;  dropping to the bed, breathing still not even, BLY chest full of red, reveals a faint joy.

GH smoldering black eyes looked at BLY for a moment, now slipping a cry, motioning under BLY at his body.

BLY became a bit embarrassed, just changed from a cool lover to a shy one.

GH stopped him. revealing his face, teasing with a smile he said

"Now we two, who do not owe it?"

BLY understood GH quickly but still sensibly reminded GH "said the doctor, and try not to get a second."

GH was surprised, "when the doctor said that, you were still unconscious right?"

"You forget, I can still listen even when sleeping."

GH "...."