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Tags: apiedit Visual edit
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  White heroin limp hand out Xiaohaizi above, while Taonong while kissing GU Hai neck.
  Gu sea soon have the feeling that one leg to catch the white heroin is quite flexible hips, soles of the feet at the top caress a while, toes slowly toward the middle of the gully stretched out until it clicks to a site, White heroin reflexively shivered hand movements stopped, intoxicated gaze fixed, the whole body becomes very stiff.
  Gu sea over ...... my heart suddenly give birth to chill.
  This is true with the psychological shadow ah!
  Days later also how over ah?
  Positive thinking, white heroin and proximity to the pressure up, handsome cheek crooked care of the sea right in the head.
  "I seem to have the feeling."
  Gu sea have realized something was wrong, because against the coccyx of a mischievous little guy began to stir, beat Shimoji nervous about the sprint GU Hai meninges. Once enough? But also the second time? What a cruel one request, GU Hai is physically better, Jia Buzhu white heroin so frustrating ah!
  "Baby child, you take a break now, leave the physical, we have so many jobs I did not write it."
  White Luoyinlaipi lying in the sea who care for it, kept ah rub rub, rub the side of the side
He said: "Just once, I promise this time also make you comfortable, the sea ah ...... Do not you want to me, okay?"
  Gu Hai rub body was flaming, and my heart also get angry,you say you usually do not like a baby, partial To this time and I spoiled! Head was pull over and saw the usually very different expression, his eyes were rolling in, inside overflowing desire and expectation. If this expression to seek care on the sea, the sea will definitely care immediately crazy.
  Unfortunately, he is not ah!
  GU Hai took a deep breath, anyway, Comin also affected by this crime, do not care more than once. Since the intention is to allow young married woman want cool, simply let him cool a complete bar, disposable eating enough, not after this read like a.
  Who do you love him?
  As a result, the white heroin into force gave no guarantees, not only did not let GU Hai really comfortable together, did not do so again. Like the whole night playing with blood in general, over and over again toss, toss to the last, almost anything misfires, the crotch aches, can consciousness is so excited.
  As a result, the next day, two everyone tasted the consequences.
  Availability Gu Sea natural Needless to say, did not do a Chinese-style triathlon so tired, take a nail to nail bone cracks are not so sore. White heroin indulgence the night, tired and soon fell asleep over, wanted to take this opportunity to take a break, the result was uncomfortable woke up early in the morning
  I went to the bathroom, took out the bird, found swollen, when touched on the pain, more pain when urinating. White heroin effortlessly with one hand propped wall, one hand leaning on the birds carefully, not only to endure the sting of the front, but also to endure lower back pain, the whole process like fighting
a battle.
  Finally lay back on the bed, the situation is not good where to go, her body does not have an uncomfortable, tired and sleepy but could not sleep last night, joy long gone, and the rest
is endless regret and torture .
  Gu lying next to the sea, motionless, seemingly slept ver y fragrant, in fact, has been quietly endured, not how to sleep one night. White heroin remembered what had happened some time a
go, I think that once the sea atrocity care to bring their own n
ightmare of pain, the other hand they are doing more than just o
nce, four or five times has it!
  Availability GU Hai imagined.
  White heroin now regret, distressed, can understand the f
eelings of the original Gu sea.
  He reached tentative about the care of the sea's temperat
ure, but fortunately it is normal, there is no fever.
  Feel the touch of white heroin, GU Hai opened his eyes in
front is a tired face, and uninhibited panache last night just a
different person.
  Gu see the sea so quickly put the eye opened, the white h
eroin realized Gu sea has always been awake.
  "You did not sleep last night ...... right?"
  Gu Hai asked, "What do you think?"
  white heroin look of shame, "is not it hurt? " "
  You're not nonsense it? how much I hurt you my heart did
not count it? "
  white heroin like a child does something wrong, face a co
llapse, his head rolling to the middle of the seam two pillows,
do not say a word.
  Gu Hai saw white heroin pair of virtue, since a good for
nothing distressed on the first hand stretched to touch his hair
, and comfort: "Well, do not uncomfortable, nothing big, my phys
ique on the chin . "
  or face stuffy white heroin in the yard, only to reveal a
head, hair a mess, like a nest, like, I do not know yet that peo
ple suffer bullying is him.
  Gu Hai struggling to move under the body, an tingling dow
n the spine from the tailbone extend all the way to the forehead
, brow twisted endure for a moment, only to face attached to the neck of white heroin son on.
  "Now you are back in front of me a man, and I hurt a litt
le too happy."
  That white heroin face side up, and looks at GU Hai eyes.
  "Last night, you did not feel a little uncomfortable it?"
  This sentence at the GU Hai asked to live, in the end is
comfortable with it or say comfortable saying it? As a man, a de
ep understanding of this urgent care sea by positive mood, if de
nied, calling white heroin was uncomfortable for a while. Can re
ally say comfortable, this guy coax music, back again, he also l
ive not live?
  See Gu sea hesitation eyes, white heroin instantly unders
tand, the original low moment even more gloomy faces a.
  Gu sea is white heroin may not look uncomfortable, he imm
ediately served soft uncomfortable here.
  . "In fact, there was quite comfortable while"
  white heroin exposed eye care aim at sea, muffled, said:.
"Next time, I will not be so dry,"
  "Do not" taking care of sea rebuffed, "No! next time, and
the only one back! "
  For this problem, GU Hai have thought very clearly, this
matter can not let, the key to look at is not suitable, not beca
use he was distressed, they force themselves to bear the pain. A
fter all, love is two things, as long as one party is painful, t
his process is no longer necessary. He believes he mistakes the
last time, this time as long as he continues to learn and progre
ss, will someday accept their white heroin.
  Of course, this idea of white heroin there.
  Only now, he temporarily put aside these thoughts last ni
ght, battered, he has inadvertently think about these things, an
d early child support good health is the key. He put the Earthly
Branches from the upper body, arms outstretched to pull the seco
nd drawer bedside cabinet, which has a drug, had wanted to throw
, but fortunately was mercy, also sent in handy at the moment.
  "What are you doing?"
  Gu sea see white heroin opened a quilt, and a look at him
defensively  White heroin is also very embarrassing, "I'll give you so
me medicine on it, which is that the doctor gave me medicine, do
not run out."
  "no!" Gu stood sea eyebrows, guarding their own hands paj
amas, blunt tone said: "I'm fine, do not need the medicine! " "
  Do you still feel shame ah I was hurt breath, or medicine
on outsiders to do, I do not put up with it and that would be??
children you are looking at next, I did not say anything. Do you
think I would be happy to give you ah? I do not see what you mob
ility ...... "
  Gu sea still Gengzhuobozi, "I said nothing to nothing."
  "Handle Take off! "the black-white heroin.
  So for a while, see Gu sea is not concession, white heroi
n altogether with a strong, direct lie on him, pressing him merc
ilessly, one took off his pants, clawed on wiping drugs, okay, n
ot your imagination that explode badly, but is swollen, but was
also very badly swollen, white heroin try to make their own litt
le gentle movements.
  Gu sea slowly relaxed, relax after he keenly aware that t
he white heroin to his time wiping drugs, are constantly breathi
ng, as if the pain is like him.
  If this considerate care in the case of his heroic wounde
d, but not now such a sad situation, how happy he was that.
  White heroin and shifted slightly down, results accidenta
lly injured Gu small factor hit the sea knee, and the pain he cu
rled himself up, kept grinning.
  Gu cut customs asked: "? How the"
  white heroin Jincu eyebrows waved his hand.
  Gu Haicha felt wrong to see the white heroin hand clutchi
ng the site, probably the think small guessed.
  "The pants off."
  The command of the sea into care.
  White heroin life and death is not off, last night, boost
ed glory, reluctant to leave, Today let people see what a joke?
  "There is nothing to be ashamed of? Lick all licked, and
afraid I look ah?"
  Gu said the sea on the next, this burst of tearing pain,ah, he wanted to BS-ing! Finally moved to the bathroom, a towel
with warm water, then wrung to go back to the bedroom door also
break the break.
  He did not so sad reminder of last night was tossing half
to death, he woke up after others had to wait!
  Gu see the sea of white heroin hand towel, knows what he
wants, scared straight roll off the bed, stumbled ran toward the
  GU Hai already mobility, this guy is still scurrying arou
  "You give me back!" Yelled Gu sea.
  White heroin is leaning back against the wall to go, Ziya
liezui revolt.
  "You do not let me caught you!" Gu sea bluffs picked up t
he belt, "quickly give me obediently lay back!"
  white heroin not only disobedient, but he kept to move to
ward the door, open the door when too much force, Body hair floa
ting, almost slipped down the door of the ground.
  GU Hai anxious, and stalked off white heroin chasing the
past, the results of tear into the wound, walk straight fight Ak
  Finally, at a distance of less than one meter of white he
roin place to stop, catch his two coarse, self-deprecating asked
the sentence, "white heroin, you say you and I this is frustrati
ng Shane?"
  white heroin wiped his forehead beads of sweat, suddenly
a kind of mixed feelings.
  Gu Hai reluctantly straight from the body, teeth advance
toilet, towel has been cold, had to soak with warm water.
  Gu see the sea so that the heart does not fall white hero
in tolerance, obediently back to bed.
  Guhai Jiang endured the physical discomfort, to gently wi
pe the swelling white heroin small factor, after Cawan give it a
little drug-coated, white heroin looked over his left, did not b
ow to look at the whole process.
  After the bin, GU Hai pulled hard look small factor, like
anger non angrily he said:. "This is what you end up doing bad things,"
  white heroin in agony pull out hair care sea.
  Not wear pants, the phone rang.
  Take a look up the sea Gu, Li Shuo calling.
  "Ha ha ha ...... the sea, I was in your house, rushed to
open the door to brother!"