Chapter 127 - Completely Let You Give Up Hope!

From the second day to the fifth day of the first lunar month, Jiang Yuan has been busy visiting friends and relatives. Arranging for Bai Luoyin to go abroad was temporarily put on the back burner. She finally finds some spare time on the sixth day, but then she bumps into her old classmate on the street who just returned from abroad. Not able to turn down the warm invitation, she has to have a meal with her. Her old classmate tells her how nice life is abroad. This further convinces Jiang Yuan and makes her even more determined. She must send Bai Luoyin abroad, so that he can settle down there, and she'll go live there with him when she gets old.

Jiang Yuan paints a beautiful illusion with her imagination. She doesn't think it's a difficult thing to accomplish. Her belief is that there is nothing she cannot achieve if she puts her mind to it. Just take for example when she decided to end her relationship with Bai Hanqi and planned to marry a well-to-do man, everyone around her thought she was crazy. But at the end reality was on her side.

There are no women that have to endure hardships. There are only women who do not strive for the better.

Jiang Yuan often tells herself so.

When she gets back to the house in the barrack, it's already dark outside. Jiang Yuan cooks the meal in a hurry. As Gu Weiting and Gu Hai get seated at the table, Jiang Yuan picks up her purse and heads to the front door to change her shoes. She says while changing: "I have some business to tend to. You guys take your time eating."

Gu Weiting takes a look at Jiang Yuan casually, "Where are you heading to so late in the evening?"

"It's time to take care of the plan to send Bai Luoyin abroad. I have to go take a look."

"That fast?" Gu Weiting slightly narrows his eyes.

Jiang Yuan smiles: "Fast? I was complaining it's too slow."

"Can't you just go tomorrow? Are you sure that person is available so late in the evening?"

"I'm afraid something else will come up tomorrow to delay this. Don't worry. I already made an appointment."

Jiang Yuan puts on her shoes and is about to open the front door.

Gu Weiting say: "You can just hire someone to do this for you."

"I still have to take a look, or I'd worry about it."

After this, she says bye to Gu Weiting and Gu Hai with a smile, and happily heads out of the door.

In fact, even now she still hasn't contacted Bai Hanqi about this. She also doesn't have any information from Bai Luoyin. But Jiang Yuan feels these are small things. When she gets everything ready, she'll have lots of time to entertain these two guys.

This day, Gu Hai stays in his mother's room the whole night.

Bai Hanqi woke up really early in the morning. He pushes Bai Luoyin's bedroom door open and tells him: "Today I'm going out to the house of Tongtien's elder aunt. The lunch has been prepared. It's in the kitchen cabinet. You can heat it up and have it at noon."

Right after he speaks, he heads out of the front door with Aunt Zhou and Meng Tongtien, along with gifts big and small.

It's already the seventh day of the first lunar month. Bai Luoyin picks up his mobile phone and finds a text message again from Shi Hui.

Bai Luoyin didn't even look at the message but just replies with a sentence.

"Today I want to meet you for something."

A short while later, Shi Hui responds back.

"What time?"

Bai Luoyin has gone to the bathroom and is brushing teeth in front of the mirror. Every time he looks up into the mirror, he can see the school uniform tank top hanging behind him. Two days before the Lunar New Year, Bai Luoyin went back to Gu Hai's apartment, having expected Gu Hai would not be there that day. He didn't have anything in mind but just wanted to take a look. After all, it was once half of his home.

Everything remained the same as it was at the time he left. The only thing different was that the bedroom closet was open. On the floor there was the school uniform tank top that got dirty and wrinkled apprently after being trampled on.

Bai Luoyin just picked it up, brought it back home and washed it clean.

It still has not dried completely today.


Bai Luoyin starts to wash his face. But he senses the bathroom door was opened. He didn't want to open his eyes because of the face wash lather on his face. He simply speeds up splashing water on his face. But then a powerful force hit his head, pressing his head into the water in the sink. He choked a few times. By the time his head has been raised and he is about to open his eyes, he is being blindfolded.

After this, it's exactly the same as he was kidnapped to Gu Hai's place the first time. The only difference is that this time the person is doing this himself.

Bai Luoyin can smell a familiar scent. When he is taken inside the car, he repeatedly asks the person sitting next to him: "Is this Gu Hai?"

The person next to him doesn't respond but just keeps driving the car with a cold face.

"Speak up!" Bai Luoyin says with a flat tone.

If it's really Gu Hai, Bai Luoyin feels this is completely unnecessary. He can talk calmly with Gu Hai at this very moment. But he is afraid it's not Gu Hai.

"Are you Gu Hai or not?"

"Gu Hai, is it you?"

Bai Luoyin keeps asking the same thing urgently for not less than 10 times since he got on the car. Several times, after hearing his own name and seeing his facial expression, Gu Hai almost responded. But at the end he bit his tongue and remained silent.

Bai Luoyin is carried upstairs. At this moment, he can tell the exact identity of the person without any doubt.

But precisely because this person is Gu Hai, Bai Luoyin starts to have fears.

It's very warm inside the place. The minute Bai Luoyin gets into the house, sweat breaks out. One article after another his clothes is peeled off. Some of them are even just ripped open. Even though he is covered by sweat, he still feels it is cold when the air touches his body directly.

The pair of pants has been stripped off and so is the underwear. Bai Luoyin finally speaks.

"Gu Hai, I know it's you. You don't have to be like this!"

Gu Hai does not hear it at all, but just fondles his own thing, until it becomes enlarged, hot, and thick, and able to conquer everything.

Then, he forcefully presses down Bai Luoyin's upper body, and raises his waist.

"Gu Hai, I tell you.....ummm...."

Gu Hai uses a towel to block Bai Luoyin's mouth, and removes his blindfold, so that he can clearly see what follows.

Without any lubricant, foreplay, or even any signal, he thrusts inside most brutally.

The extreme pain as if from being torn apart all of a sudden makes his whole body spasm. Both of his hands have been handcuffed at his back. Gu Hai can see the veins on the back side of his hands, every single string of them is screaming pain. Pain, yes. Today I want you to feel the pain and make you remember this for your entire life.

Gu Hai moves without hesitation. After every thrust, it gets covered in red. Before he left, he stole Bai Luoyin's mobile phone. Now he sends a text message with it to Shi Hui. He tells her the address and for her to come in ten minutes.

Gu Hai slows down somewhat but no less forceful.

Pain! Pain! Pain! Pain that tears apart his internal organs. Pain that makes Bai Luoyin's teeth grinds loudly. Pain that makes both of his legs shake. Pain that makes his head dizzy. Since he was young, he has endured many hardships and sustained many injuries. But compared to this pain now, they were almost nothing.

Gu Hai struggles through cycles of powerful physical arousal and extreme guilt in his heart. He feels himself traveled to heaven this moment but then was kicked into the hell the next moment. The taste of it is both pleasure and extreme discomfort.

Bai Luoyin's back breaks out a layer of cold sweat. Gu Hai can almost hear Bai Luoyin is screaming pain even though his mouth is stuffed with a towel.

He uses his hands to gently wipe the sweat on Bai Luoyin's forehead and whispers: "Baby, it won't hurt in a moment."

As soon as he finishes this sentence, he thrusts forward suddenly, completely joins Bai Luoyin without any gap.

Bai Luoyin feels as if his intestine is almost exploding.

Gu Hai starts to speed up. His wrist sized fellow runs wild inside Bai Luoyin's narrow passage. Every thrust can kill. Bai Luoyin feels the ceiling on top of his head is spinning. It's so fucking painful. It's so painful that his every vein is tied tightly like in a rope. It's so painful that his facial features become twisted and distorted. It's so painful that he wish he can hit and kill himself with a stick.

"Ahhhh.... "

Finally, a scream interrupts Gu Hai's movement.

Someone is standing by the door. She has been there for a couple of minutes and has been shaking violently.

She has witnessed many frightening scenes before but nothing is more terrifying than the one before her eyes. The ones before merely hit her visual sensation. But this one is purely psychological. It completely destroys her will.

Shi Hui wants to run away, but she is now clamped by two men. "Bring her in!"

Shi Hui cries, yells and struggles while she is being taken inside by force.

Gu Hai smiles cruelly and coldly, "Take a good look, you pretty girl."

Gu Hai starts to move, right before ShI Hui's eyes. He violently and forcefully conquers her lover.

"Do you see it? He is mine, me Gu Hai's alone!"

The towel stuffing Bai Luoyin's mouth is taken off. But he doesn't struggle nor yell. He just bites his teeth without any sound. Bean-sized perspiration rolls down his forehead. He turns his face to the other side.

Gu Hai turns Bai Luoyin's head back again.

The scenes that follow become Shi Hui's repeated nightmares for many years to come.. Every time she remembers this, she breaks into cold sweat.

She was carried away. There was no blood color on her face. Her eyes lost focus and her body was shaking. She was abandoned in an alley and was taken to a hospital by a man.

Gu Hai crazily pounds for a while. Then he suddenly he pulls out, jacks off a little, and ejaculates.

Bai Luoyin lies on the bed without any movement.

After a long time, Gu Hai opens his mouth. His fierceness is all gone by now. Only remorse remains.

"I know you will hate me for what I did for the rest of your life."

"But I would rather you hate me, I still have to do it. That girl is too manipulative. You can't be with her. I have to fix her up. If I don't, she will not quit easily. I can't stand here to see you being ruined by her. I would rather you be hurt once than having regrets for many years."

"I know we are finished. I, Gu Hai, don't have anything to ask you. You just can't be with her. I will never interfere if you get together with anyone else."

Gu Hai slowly releases the handcuffs on Bai Luoyin wrists. His eyes turn red, when he sees the red marks left there.

"Bai Luoyin, I, Gu Hai, can shed tears for you. I admit I'm a jerk in front of you! I didn't keep my words. I told you I trust you, but ordered people to follow you. I told you I want to break up with you, but I kidnapped you here. I said I respect you, but I raped you.... I'm not human! But I truly really love you from my heart."

Bai Luoyin does not respond at all. He doesn't even turn his head.

"Bai Luoyin, after so long, didn't you ever think about me?"

Bai Luoyin remains quiet.

Gu Hai's shaking hands caress Bai Luoyin's hair. With a hoarse voice, he asks: "Just now did you hurt really bad?"

Bai Luoyin's eyelids do not move at all.

Gu Hai suddenly freezes, and then abruptly straightens Bai Luoyin's body. But he does not respond at all.

He holds his face and yells several times, "Yinzi, Yinzi, wake up."

Bai Luoyin's head keeps drooping downward.

Gu Hai yells a sentence, "Quickly go get me a doctor here!!"

The two men standing nearby then realize what is happening. They right away run outside.

Gu Hai quickly covers Bai Luoyin with a comforter and tightly hugs him. His heart aches terribly.

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