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Chapter 128 - I Admit I Was Wrong

The doctor is a very experienced surgeon, and also was abroad for many years and has seen many such cases. But for someone to be hurt to such a degree as Bai Luoyin, this is the first time. While frowning, he looks at the injury and then looks toward Gu Hai, and then gazes back at the wounds, not saying any words.

Gu Hai gets anxious, "Doctor, how is he now?"

"It's okay. Do not worry. This is just external trauma."

Gu Hai's heart still cannot relax. He pulls the doctor and asks: "Would it leave any permanent damage?"

"This ......" The doctor sounds troubled, "Try not to have this happen a second time."

The doctor means to say not to do this so violently a second time. But Gu Hai misunderstands him to mean that he can never do this ever again. His face instantly turns dark. But at this time he could no longer think about it. Bai Luoyin has got so sick. He has to help him recover as quickly as possible.

"Doctor, if this is just skin trauma, how could he have fainted?"

The doctor looks sympathetically at Bai Luoyin and sighs. Slowly he says: "How could he have fainted? Of course it's because of the pain."

Once Gu Hai heard this, his lips turn white, "Did it ...... hurt so much?"

The doctor patiently explains it to Gu Hai, "The tissues surrounding anus are full of nerve endings, and most of them are nerves that connect directly to the spinal cord and convey the sense of pain. It's also dense in blood vessels. Therefore, it's most sensitive to pain. You should go visit the hospital rooms for patients that undergo hemorrhoid surgery. Strong and tough men like you would cry so loud like wolves. I don't want to scare you, but this kind of pain exceeds the endurance limit of normal people."

Gu Hai stands there like a wooden stake. With a stiff face, he tries to estimate the time. How long did I do it? Twenty minutes? Half an hour? Or ...... one hour?

Recalling Bai Luoyin's distorted face, Gu Hai regrets so much that he wants to slice himself into thousands of pieces.

"You press on him so that he cannot move, while I deal with the wounds," says the doctor.

Gu Hai returns to his senses, and quickly goes to wash his own hands. After he comes back, he holds down Bai Luoyin's waist according to the doctor's instructions. The doctor gently spreads ass cheeks, Gu Hai did not dare to look closer. Just observing the doctor's eyes, he knows how bad it is there.

"If he struggles to get up, you have to hold him down tight so that I don't hurt him with the instruments."

Gu Hai's face changes and says: "What? He has already fainted. How can he still struggle."

The doctor says something so painful to Gu Hai that he would rather die. "He is likely to wake up from the pain."

This really happens. Just as doctor slightly expands the rectum to sterilize the intestinal lining, Bai Luoyin's body suddenly moves a bit. His eyes hasn't even opened but his fists already clench up. His face shows a lot of pain and his forehead is covered in sweat.

Gu Hai feels miserable, and yells at the doctor: "Why can't you be gentler? Are you here to stop the pain or to kill him?"

The doctor is much older and so being yelled at by a kid certainly does not make him feel good.

"I tell you whichever doctor comes the process will be the same. If you think I'm not good enough, go call another doctor."

Bai Luoyin faints again after some struggle.

Gu Hai has a resigned expression on his deathly pale face while looking at Bai Luoyin. His hands press down his waist again. He then uses his eyes to signal the doctor to continue.

The process lasts for about five minutes. The doctor tries to slow down and be gentler, but this also means that Bai Luoyin suffers longer. During this process Bai Luoyin wakes up four or five times, each time writhing in pain. All Gu Hai can do is to hold him down forcefully until he faints but then wakes up again. Finally, the doctor says it's done.

This is just a torture in hell.

Gu Hai's tears fall down uncontrollably, and mix together with sweat. He looks awful.

The doctor cannot help himself but takes a glance at Gu Hai. This young man looks very tough. How can he be so sentimental now? The one who got injured is not even crying as bad as this.

If you are like this now, why did you do it?

"Well, I was just scaring you, and to make you learn the lesson. His body is now weak and more sensitive to pain. It's all right. This young man will not die from pain. But you have to keep this in your memory!"

After this he puts Bai Luoyin on IV drips, and told Gu Hai: "For these few days, do not let him eat. He has severe damages to the intestinal wall, and bowel movements can cause infections. Now that I put him on IV drips. It's enough for him to maintain the energy level for normal life, Just don't feed anything in his mouth."

Gu Hai nods with a sad face.

After a while, a nurse brings topical and oral medications with the directions written on the packages. The doctor gives the medications to Gu Hai. He also gives his contact information to Gu Hai and tells him to call when anything unexpected happens. He then tells the nurse to stay to care for the patient some more while he himself rushes to other places.

When the infusion of nutrient solution just finishes, and the nurse is about to leave, Gu Hai finds Bai Luoyin has a fever, and quickly stops the nurse. The nurse then measures Bai Luoyin's body temperature. It is much higher than normal. She quickly calls the doctor, who returns in a hurry. He gives Bai Luoyin some shots, prescribes some medications, tells Gu Hai not to let him catch cold, and then leaves.

Gu Hai covers Bai Luoyin with his naked body so that he can both feel Bai Luoyin's body temperature and at the same time heat up the bed. On top of them are two thick cotton comforters. The temperature inside the house is already high. Gu Hai's and Bai Luoyin's bodies both sweat profusely. They keep being like this until the middle of the night when Gu Hai senses that Bai Luoyin's body temperature drops down.

In the morning, Gu Hai asks someone to bring new bed sheets and comforters to replace the existing damp ones.

The doctor comes for a checkup, leaves some instructions and leaves. The nurse puts Bai Luoyin on IV drips. When it finished, she also leaves.

It's not until noon that Bai Luoyin wakes up.

Before this, Gu Hai didn't drink even a drop of water. He always stay on the bed side for so long that his eyes has turned black. In his mind he keeps chanting that Bai Luoyin wakes up. But at the same time, he is afraid he will open his eyes, afraid that he will tell him to go away, and afraid that he cannot make up for his despicable behavior.

But Bai Luoyin doesn't think about such things. When he opens his eyes, all he feels is pain. Why so much pain? From head to toe, from skin to bones, it's pain everywhere.

These twenty hours are long like a cycle of rebirth and reincarnation.

The scene from twenty hours ago, he doesn't dare to remember. He would rather believe that it was a dream. But now the maker of the nightmare is lying next to him, looking at him with eyes covered by blood vessels.

"You woke up?"

Gu Hai tries to touch Bai Luoyin's shoulder with his hand, "Do you feel a little better?"

"Don't touch me!" Bai Luoyin is now just afraid anyone would touch him. He feels there are wounds everywhere on his body and cannot be touched. Even talking loud like this makes his facial nerves hurt. He is now crouching on the bed facing Gu Hai's direction. But after a long time, he feels his neck aches, and so turns his head to the other direction with lot of difficulty. There is a humming sound in his head.

From the time Bai Luoyin yells to stop to turning his head, Gu Hai has been watching intently. He knows Bai Luoyin is showing his hatred and extreme dislike this way. Even though he has been prepared for this, but then this really happens in front of his eyes, he still feels so sad as if his heart has been twisted.

"I know that you would rather I disappear from your eyes forever. I admit that I really regret now. You have the right to choose whom you love, the right to experience a love affair that I don't think we'll of, the right to go abroad...It's me who stubbornly believes I'm right, and selfishly wants to keep you here. If I knew you have to endure so much, I wouldn't have done this even if I die. I would rather she cheated you. Even if you get hurt in the future, at least I wouldn't see it.... "

"When you have recovered, I would not resist if you want to kick me out of the window. But now please let me stay. You also don't wish anyone else to see your injury, right?"

"It must have been especially hard for you to accept that I destroyed all of your dignity in front of her? I don't want to reopen your wounds but please don't think much of it. How can a person like her who plays tricks with her own body know what dignity is? Of course, I'm not trying to excuse myself. I'm just afraid you can't think straight."

"Yinzi, when you get well, you stab me a few times."

After a long time, it gets unbearable for Bai Luoyin and he opens his mouth to say: "Can you just stop?"

He is now aching all over his body and his spirit is extremely tired. He just wants some silence. But ever since he opened his eyes, this guy just keeps talking nonstop right by him. He feels as though his brain is about to explode. His brain is just a total blank right now. The sickness of his body already exceeds his endurance. He doesn't have any energy left to think about those problems.

"Why don't you let me talk?" Gu Hai still insists.

Bai Luoyin replies with his last bit of patience left in him, "I'm annoyed."

Gu Hai stops making any sound, just lies beside without any movement, and quietly looks at Bai Luoyin.

Bai Luoyin falls asleep again for almost two hours. After waking up, he feels his spirit has got better but his body still aches.

Gu Hai sees that Bai Luoyin wakes up, he self-consciously gets out of the bed and walks toward the window. He is afraid that Bai Luoyin wants to avoid seeing him and doesn't want to turn his neck to this side which may cause his neck to get sore and painful. But actually Bai Luoyin really cannot think that much. He does whatever makes his neck comfortable. At this juncture, all of his movements are dictated by the feelings of his body.

"I'm a bit hungry." Bai Luoyin squeezes out a sentence.

"What did you say?" Bai Luoyin opens his mouth to say: "Is there anything to eat?"

The smile on Gu Hai's face gradually fades. He feels a little sad. It's not easy that he says something to me, that he asked me for something, that I can finally do something for him, but... for something to eat.

"Nothing?" Bai Luoyin links his lips.

Gu Hai turns his face away, being afraid of looking at Bai Luoyin expression, "The doctor didn't allow you to eat."

"Huh, not allowed to eat?" Bai Luoyin carelessly mumbles.

Gu Hai consoles: "Don't worry. I'm here with you. If you don't eat, I don't eat either. We both take IV drips together. Before you can eat, I will not touch any food."

Bai Luoyin is about to say he is a lunatic when Gu Hai gathered all food in the house and throw them out of the window.