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Chapter 129 - Better to Face It Than to Avoid It

For three days, Gu Hai really has not eaten anything. Or, more precisely, he has not left this room at all. When Bai Luoyin had intravenous drips of nutrient solution, Gu Hai was also next to him taking drips at the same time. It became such that the doctor ccould no longer stand it, and complained a little: "Young man, how lazy can you get? It wouldn't take that much time or effort to go find something to eat, would it? "

Gu Hai did not say a word but just extended forward his arm and raised his chin toward the doctor. Just go ahead and give it to me. It's not like I'm not going to pay for it.

After three days of treatment, Bai Luoyin's body has almost recovered back to normal, except for some movements that are still inconvenient. Once physical strength has returned, appetite inevitably follows behind, so he knows the feeling of an empty stomach. But it's better for him who lies in bed everyday since he can just go to sleep when he gets hungry no matter how slowly time passes. For someone perfectly healthy like Gu Hai, who also needs to take care of a patient, hunger is simply a torture.

"You go get something to eat," Bai Luoyin opens his mouth and says.

Gu Hai shakes his head, leans back on the bed's backboard, his eyes slightly narrowed seeming lost in thought.

"What's done is done. You won't gain any advantage by torturing yourself. Just go eat. Even if you starve yourself to death, nothing will change."

Gu Hai's face has turned somewhat yellow, likely because of all the things that happened in the past few days.

"I'm not using the self torture strategy. It's just that I don't have any appetite."

Bai Luoyin no longer says anything, but just closes his eyes. He then feels a pair of hands moving on his waist.

The doctor is going to re-apply medication.

The first few times of putting on the medication is the most unbearable experience for Bai Luoyin. The doctor is a man, after all, and it's a shame for a man's ass to be touched by another man like this, especially when it's due to such a humiliating injury. So every time the doctor comes, he buries his head under a pillow and would not open his mouth even if the doctor asks him questions.

Fortunately, the doctor has good ethics and attitudes. He not only never mocks Bai Luoyin, but also tells a few things to watch out for during sexual activities, ways to enjoy healthy and harmonious sex, and his experience with cases like this before. Although it's probably not a good time for such discussions, it nevertheless does dispel a lot of Bai Luoyin's concerns.

Now he no longer covers his head with a pillow. He even says thanks to the doctor when the doctor gets ready to leave.

However, there is still very little verbal exchange between him and Gu Hai.

Three days have passed and their conversations consist of no more than ten sentences.

If Bai Luoyin doesn't open his mouth to speak, Gu Hai would not say anything either. Occasionally he asks him if he wants to use the toilet. If Bai Luoyin does not respond, it's taken as a no. If he needs to, he simply moves his body, and Gu Hai ​​would naturally go to the other side of his body to help him get out of the bed.

Before going to sleep at night, as usual Gu Hai brings a basin of hot water, to give Bai Luoyin's body a rub down.

Bai Luoyin opens his mouth to say: "Today there is no need to rub. I'm going home soon anyway. It's fine to be a little dirty. I'll take a good bath when I get home."

Gu Hai's hands stop mid-air with the towel and hesitate a little, but still open the comforter at the end.

"Anyway, you're going to be gone soon. This may just be the last time I can rub your body. After this I may not be able to even if I want to."

Bai Luoyin does not speak and simply closes his eyes. While the hot towel is still rubbing his body, he soon falls asleep.

After he finishes, Gu Hai stares at Bai Luoyin's sleeping face for a long time, and cannot resist but give him a kiss. But then suddenly he feels at this time the more he is like this the sadder he gets, so then he gets out of bed.

In the middle of the night, Bai Luoyin wakes up when Gu Hai is asleep. Seeing the sleeping face so close by, Bai Luoyin is unable to get back to sleep himself.

This is the first time he gets to see Gu Hai's sleeping face since he got here. Whenever he woke up in the past few days, Gu Hai's eyes were always open. Sometimes standing by the window, sometimes sitting on the bed, but most of the time lying next to him, Gu Hai's dark eyes were always looking at him.

One night, Bai Luoyin asked Gu Hai:

"Why don't you sleep?"

Gu Hai did not answer right away, but waited until Bai Luoyin fell back to sleep before telling him.

"I want to extend the time I have with you."

Today, he probably got dead tired. Having had nothing to eat for the past few days, no one can withstand it.

The next morning, the doctor comes for a check up and happily slaps on Bai Luoyin's ass cheeks.

"Young men's bodies are great! I thought this injury would last a few more days, but now I don't see any problems. Try to get more rest when you go back, and remember to apply the medication on time."

Bai Luoyin for the first time stands up, and while facing the doctor asks his most pressing question.

"Can I eat something now?"

"That ......" The doctor hesitates, "It should be all right, but try to eat less, or eat liquid food, fruits and vegetables, and avoid spicy food."

Bai Luoyin smiles and nods, "I got it."

The doctor pats Bai Luoyin's shoulders, "Then I'm going back. Call me if you need me."

Bai Luoyin takes the doctor to the door, "Have a nice day."

"OK, no need to see me off. Go back."

Back in the room, Gu Hai has been standing next to the wall and has not moved a bit. From the time the doctor came to the moment he left, he has not changed his pose, and has not spoken a word.

Bai Luoyin is about to pack up when Gu Hai points to a backpack on the nightstand and says:. "Your things have been packed."

Bai Luoyin carries the backpack to the front door to put on his shoes. He feels so good to be able to leave this bed and leave this room.

Gu Hai also packs his own things together. This is his cousin's place which he borrowed. Now that Bai Luoyin is leaving, there is no need for him to stay here either.

The two go downstairs, without saying a word. In front is a main thoroughfare on which a taxi passes by every few seconds. To hail a taxi you just have to wave your arm.

Bai Luoyin walks a few steps forward, and is just about to lift his arm, when Gu Hai grabs hold of it.

"You really have to go?"

Bai Luoyin turns back to look at Gu Hai, appearing as if he already made up his mind.

"Before you did it, you must have expected the consequences. Now you have to accept them."

Gu Hai hesitates a few seconds, and loosens his firm grip.

Then he takes out his wallet from his pocket and pulls out some cash to give to Bai Luoyin.

"I forgot to put some money into the backpack. Keep this for the taxi ride."

After saying this, he turns and walks away.

Bai Luoyin keeps looking at Gu Hai's back, which appears strong but lonely, a little bit haggard, and gradually becoming blurred in his eyes.

On the taxi, Bai Luoyin opens the backpack.

There are medications, with their packaging and bottles all replaced so that they will not raise issues with Bai Luoyin's family. There are a few pieces of clothing, all washed clean. Then underneath there is something warm. Bai Luoyin takes the thing out for a look. It consists of a few lunch boxes, wrapped tightly in layers. He opens the lunch boxes and finds bland rice porridge and simple dishes as suggested by the doctor, but for Bai Luoyin who has not eaten for three days this is already the most delicious food there is ......

Having filled his stomach, Bai Luoyin does not head straight home, but goes to visit someone.

After what happened that day, Shi Hui has not been able to get out of the shadow, and has become very depressed. She does not want to communicate with anyone, but just keeps to herself quietly in a daze. Her parents saw their baby daughter like this and got very anxious. They even called in several psychiatrists for counseling. But there has been little improvement.

Now the family servant runs to Shi Hui and tells her someone is outside looking for her and he said his name is Bai Luoyin.

Shi Hui's face which has been pale for the past few days finally shows a little color.

She quickly changes into shoes, and runs out.

Bai Luoyin sees Shi Hui, who that day witnessed her own boyfriend being XXXX. He does not appear awkward or ashamed as might be expected. On the contrary, he is very calm.

However, Shi Hui can no longer control her own emotions the minute she sees Bai Luoyin and begins to cry.

"You tell me, that what I saw that day was not true."

Bai Luoyin stays silent for a long while, and says quietly: "What you saw was true."

Shi Hui crazily hits Bai Luoyin's chest punch after punch to vent her anger and frustration.

"Why? Why did you become like this? I do not believe, I do not believe even when I die."

Bai Luoyin grabs Shi Hui's arm, no longer with tenderness as in the past, but speaks mercilessly.

"You have to believe even if you don't want to. The fact of the matter is, I like Gu Hai."

Shi Hui's shoulders are trembling, eyes full of tears staring directly at Bai Luoyin.

"Don't you think you're too cruel to do this to me?"

Bai Luoyin shows a faint smile, "I think you are strong enough to bear this. After all, you have directed drama of yourself being humiliated on the street."

Shi Hui's face suddenly becomes pale, and she no longer dares to look into Bai Luoyin's eyes. All her imagination now is engulfed by delusion.

"When did you know? Who told you?"

"Nobody told me, I figured it out myself. You're smarter than Gu Hai. When Gu Hai lies, he doesn't know how to cover it up well."

Shi Hui's voice is shaking, "Since you ...... already knew, why didn't you expose me?"

"I did not want to expose you. I know girls are thin-skinned. I do not want to humiliate you in front of me. I would have wanted to keep this to myself and pretended not to know anything. I just wanted to talk to you clear it all up, so you can give me up. But I haven't had time to talk to you and all this happened. I guess he does not have much patience ...... " Bai Luoyin smiles a bit painfully.

Shi Hui has lost her wits, and just sits down on a stone bench nearby and feels the biting cold under her body.

"Shi Hui, don't be like this. I'm not insulting you. I respect every girl, especially girls that like me. I can understand why you did it, and I can also understand the motivation for you to get me to go abroad. I will remember everything you have done for me. But I mean it when I say we're over. I wish you have the same respect for me, and respect my choice. If you can do it, I will have more gratitude for you. "

"Bai Luoyin, you have changed. Your sanity is gone? Where are your principles?"

"Now, I believe in my own heart."

If a few days ago the scene Shi Hui witnessed was a fatal blow to her, now this is the end of the world.

Bai Luoyin offers her a piece of advice as a friend.

"Treat yourself well. After all, in this world, you are the most important person to yourself."