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Book 1 Chapter 130 - Don't Be Too Cruel!

During the five days that Bai Luoyin was not home, the Bai family was turned upside down.

Initially, Jiang Yuan had already completed the process for Bai Luoyin to go abroad. She is in the middle of contacting schools there as fast as she could. Everything is progressing as planned and under her control. She has also got in touch with Bai Hanqi and told him about her plans. Bai Hanqi neither said he agrees nor disagrees. He only said he would respect his son's decision.

Then, at this crucial juncture, Bai Luoyin disappeared.

He cannot be found anywhere.

They asked Shi Hui. She said she didn't know. They asked Yang Meng. He said he didn't know. They were going to ask Gu Hai and found he also disappeared.

Finally, Jiang Yuan went to Bai Hanqi's home and made a scene there.

She insisted stubbornly that it was Bai Hanqi who hid Bai Luoyin away for selfish reasons. Bai Hanqi tried his best to explain the situation to her to no avail. She actually called the police and threatened to keep Bai Hanqi in police custody if he doesn't turn over Bai Luoyin. Even though Bai Hanqi didn't end up getting detained by the police, Grandma Bai got so upset that she had to be admitted into the hospital. Jiang Yuan still did not relent and sent several people over there. Some of theme follow Bai Hanqi around and some watch at the front door until Bai Luoyin appears.

Jiang Yuan brought so much commotion to the family that all the neighbors have become annoyed. The police sirens came every so often. People weren't able to sleep peacefully in the afternoon or at night. It also ruined the festive mood around the Lunar New Year.

How could it be that Bai Hanqi doesn't want to find his son? He is even more worried than Jiang Yuan! But what is the use of worrying? Bai Luoyin and Gu Hai disappeared together. They can't be contacted and they can't be found anywhere!

It is already approaching the fifteenth day of the lunar month. People are leisurely preparing for the final festivities of the Lunar New Year. But Bai Hanqi doesn't have time to stand still. Everyday he has to go to the hospital. Fortunately, Aunt Zhou is able to be there to take care of Grandma Bai. Bai Hanqi has other things to occupy himself. When he comes home, he has to deal with the group of thugs sent over by Jiang Yuan. He also has to apologize to the neighbors for the troubles. What really bothers him, though, is Bai Luoyin. How can this child be gone without saying a word?

In fact, this is all due Gu Hai's oversight. He acted in a haste and he forgot to notify Bai Hanqi. Bai Luoyin also thought that when he was in a coma Gu Hai would have come up with some excuses to deal with Bai Hanqi. He therefore didn't think of it more.

Early in the morning, Bai Hanqi takes some bread sticks with him and goes out the door. He wants to get to the hospital early and then after that he will have more time to search for his son.

But just when he walks to the alley way entrance, Jiang Yuan catches him.

These few days Jiang Yuan gets really upset. It drains her energy to cause troubles and to dwell in her anger. And then is also worried about her son.

"Where is Luoyin?"

Almost everyday, Jiang Yuan would ask Bai Hanqi this same question, if not in person, then on the phone.

Even if Bai Hanqi has the best temper, he would still get annoyed by this repeated question from Jiang Yuan.

"I already said he is not home. I'm also looking for him. Do you have enough yet?"

"Enough!" Jiang Yuan hits Bai Hanqi with her handbag, "Now you realize you have to find him. Where were you these past few days? The first day my son went missing, where were you? It must be you. You and that woman must have mistreated my son. That's why he is gone."

"Then why is Gu Hai also missing? Did you also mistreat him? Huh?" Bai Hanqi stares at Jiang Yuan angrily.

Jiang Yuan changes her face. She throws her handbag that costs thousands on the ground. She breathes heavily and stops talking.

Bai looks at Jiang Yuan with his purple face, "He is already 17 and is turning 18 soon. Even if he leaves home, he can still take care of himself. Do you really need to cause troubles like this?"

"Bai Hanqi, would a human being say something like that?" Because of her anger, Jiang Yuan's beautiful face appears distorted. "What do you think my son is? Is he a pig that you keep in your pigtie? You just let him roam freely whenever you want or keep him inside whenever you want! For so many years, have you ever properly educated him? Just look how he has turned out to be? Cold-hearted, ungrateful and unable to distinguish right and wrong. He doesn't even want to acknowledge his own mother."

Bai Hanqi immediately throws the bread sticks in his hands on the ground and yells angrily: "That's what you earned for yourself!"

As Jiang Yuan sees that Bai Hanqi is stepping sway, she walks forward to block him. Bai Hanqi pushes her away. She then loses her balance and stumbles on the ground.

Two young men come out of the car right away at this time. They subdue him and stuff him into the car by force.

Jiang Yuan's hair has gotten messy. She yells with tears in her eyes: "Don't hurt him, or my son will kill me."

It's not until the afternoon that Bai Luoyin gets back home. Upon arrival, he immediately realizes something is not right. No one is home. Even Grandpa and Grandma Bai who don't usually go out are not home at this moment. Ahlang barks crazily in his cage. Bai Luoyin walks over and pats on his head. Ahlang goes quiet for a moment and then barks again toward the front gate. While barking, he pounces on the cage.

Bai Luoyin stands up and walks toward the front gate. As soon as he gets to the gate, he catches the sight of three men running away toward the west.

What has happened here?

While he is puzzling over this, their neighbor Mrs. Chang happens to stroll this way from the east.

Bai Luoyin runs to her right away and asks: "Auntie, where is my whole family?"

The minute Mrs. Chang sees Bai Luoyin, she opens her eyes wide. Then she grabs his arm and hits his shoulders twice.

"You bad boy. How come you didn't let anyone know that you were traveling. These past few days, your father gets crazy trying to find you. Grandma Bai was so worried about you that she became ill and has to be taken to the hospital."

The color on Bai Luoyin's face changes right then. He calls Bai Hanqi but no one answers. He calls Aunt Zhou next. She tells him that she is in the hospital. Bai Luoyin rushes to the hospital.

As soon as she sees Bai Luoyin, Grandma Bai gets much better. Grandpa Bai, Aunt Zhou, and Meng Tongan are all there. Only Bai Hanqi is missing.

"Yinzi, did you call your dad?" asks Aunt Zhou.

Bai Luoyin shakes his head, "No, the call didn't go through."

"Try it again." Aunt Zhou gets a little anxious, "How can it not go through? Old Bai must have left his cell phone at home."

Bai Luoyin tries dialing Bai Hanqi's phone number again.

Bai Hanqi has been "invited" by Jiang Yuan over to her place. He got locked inside a room and was served with good tea and cigarettes. She just wouldn't let him out.

The cell phone is being held in Jiang Yuan's hand. When Bai Luoyin called the first time, she had to step away for a few minutes. She just came back. As soon as she hears the phone ringing, she answers the phone right away. When she finds that it is Bai Luoyin on the phone, she is so overcome with emotions that she can't hold the phone steadily.

This strategy really works. Having locked up Old Bai, Little Bai for sure can't stay still.

"Luoyin, finally you appear. Mom almost worried to death."

How can it be Jiang Yuan that answers the phone? Bai Luoyin puzzles. Being afraid that Aunt Zhou can overhear the phone call, he walks out of the hospital room hurriedly.

"Where is my dad?"

"Your dad is with me. If you want to see him, come to my place. I'll have someone go pick you up."

Twenty minutes later, Bai Luoyin comes to Julian Yuan's place.

The instance Jiang Yuan sees Bai Luoyin, she goes to embrace him with her tears falling and nose running.

"Luoyin, where did you go these past few days? Mom was so worried."

Bai Luoyin just pushes her away and asks: "Where is my dad?"

Bai Hanqi stands at the door, and looks at Bai Luoyin with a steely blue face. As soon as Bai Luoyin walks near him, he scolds angrily.

"What the heck did you do these past few days?"

Bai Luoyin hasn't even replied, but Jiang Yuan already gets irritated.

"Why are you yelling at him?"

Bai Luoyin doesn't bother with Jiang Yuan, but just goes straight to Bai Hanqi's side and asks, "Dad, how come you are here?"

Bai Hanqi gives Jiang Yuan a couple of glances and says to Bai Luoyin, "Son, let's go home first."

They start to walk away.

Jiang Yuan blocks their way. She speaks toward Bai Hanqi in a uncompromising tone: "You can go yourself, but leave my son here."

"Why does he have to stay here?"

Jiang Yuan at this moment no longer cares about her own image and gets to the point directly.

"I gave this so much thought and effort and even dragged you here. What did I do all this for? You really think I just want to have you over for tea? It's not easy that I finally got my son here and you want to take him away from me? Do you want to hide him again? Do you want me not being able to see him for another five days and nights? Bai Hanqi, you don't have basic human decency!"

"Jiang Yuan, don't be too cruel...."

"Dad!" Bai Luoyin suddenly cut off Bai Hanqi, "You go first. I want to know what she actually wants to do."

"Yinzi, how can Dad leave you here by yourself?" Bai Hanqi gets anxious.

Bai Luoyin turns his head back to look at Bai Hanqi, "Rest assured, Dad. I'm going home momentarily."

Jiang Yuan gives Bai Hanqi a glance, "I won't walk you out. Have a good trip home."

After Bai Hanqi is gone, Jiang Yuan drags Bai Luoyin into the room and shows him the fruit of her labor these days. Every third sentence she would mention Shi Hui, as if she is a talisman for success. She sounds as if afraid Bai Luoyin is not aware that she and Shi Hai are secret accomplices together to figure out any means possible to get Bai Luoyin to go abroad.

Now that Jiang Yuan explained everything to him, it becomes clear to Bai Luoyin why Bai Hanqi would be forced to come here, why Grandma Bai was admitted into hospital, why no one was home and Ahlang barked crazily in his cage, and even more he can guess why Gu Hai suddenly made such a foolish decision as he did....