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BOOK 1 - Chapter 133 "Throbbing pains of youth"

They cleaned the house, ate the riceballs, took bath and lay at bed after midnight.

"Another year past, time really went fast" Gu Hai can't help feeling.

Bai LuoYin laid on his side, holding the pillow in front of him, his chin resting comfortably on top of it, with slightly amused eyes seemingly enjoying the quiet moment.

Only two people in the room, eyes only for each other, ears only hearing each other's voice, no care with the outside world....

Gu Hai put his hand on BaiLuoYin's neck feeling the vein beat, noting the calmness.

Like a drug addict, struggling with withdrawal symptoms for a few days and finally finding solace in getting a shot; feeling the clear blood flow like bone cracks filled and body comforted.

BLY narrowed his eyes and looked at GH, thinking he looked thinner as his chin has more contour on his face..

"Go shave"

GH fingers touched the lower half of his face, feeling the stubble it seemed to him now that it was so long since he shaved, he cannot remember the day and the last time he cleaned his face.

"Leave the beard, it's more handsome" GH replied.

BLY snickered softly "Perhaps for somebody else it  would look nice..but with you -it just makes you older".

GH got angry, "why do you always say I look old? how did I grow old, where?"

GH gritted his teeth trying to find fault with BLY body and only found him seductive instead..

BLY went to the bathroom, got a towel and pointing on the sofa near the door told GH "Lie down"

GH straightened a bit and asked ".. to what?"

BLY showed him the shaver his meaning clearer. GH's eye twinkled, thanked God, and bit a smile.

GH had previously helped BLY to shave and now felt he is in heaven as BLY is doing the same.

BLY saw GH grinning a mouth-to-ear smile felt a tug in his heart. He wet the towel - in order to prevent him from kicking GH's face - threw the towel to GH's face and said "get the shaving cream!".

BLY squeezed some shaving cream on his hand and evenly wiped it to GH's face and waited for the beard to soften.

GH just looked out, just above his head is BLY face concentrating to the task, he began to shave - his breath warm on GH . BLY looked so serious, so cautious as it is his first time to shave for others and he doesn't want to accidentally nip the skin.

GH's hand slowly crept out and softly touched BLY's cheek.

BLY stepped back "You do not touch."

GH held on BLY's nape stopping him from shaving, pressed BLY face to his cheek. the shaving cream musk smell spread between them as they breath closer, BLY felt uncomfortable and pulled away from GH -saying "you wipe the cream first or it would be uncomfortable".

GH eyes flashed with red flames and in a dull voice, answered "No, I cannot wait." Having said that he suddenly stood up surprising BLY with a hug and not giving BLY time to react held his face and kissed him.

Lips fusing together - their breathing becomes heavy - both eager, their month-long longing of each other evident. GH started to nibble BLY's thin lips then BLY caught GH tongue as reply, making GH burn up more.

They became more like a greedy child suckling his mother's breast, biting , nipping, their saliva in their mouth mixing and melting- tasting each other , tongue interlacing and locking.

Separation, is a painful and excruciating small thing but not isolated, you will never experience the feelings less - 

I miss you  and in every lonely night and cold bed, I did not know how much I needed you.

BLY gradually stopped their movement, gently moved his face away from GH slowly putting his head on GH's shoulder, gently panting - eyes looking straight to GH beating adam's apple.

GH slightly slanted his head looked at BLY brows twisting and with a dead tired tone started complaining "this month you almost drive me to death!"

BLY today regarded as an insight into what is to blame,his face showing gentleness that is rare.

"Ah you have the face to say that I am? Who depends on this thing?"

GH thought about it and found nothing to his advantage, finally admitted  "I rely to me"

BLY faced him and clutched his hand to his chest fiercely and GH grabbed his hand in return kissing it -my heart is still a little uneven.

"Even if i rely on you, cannot be so hard right?" I cannot see me but not to say that others take to the street and others on the streets, we have been apart for too long, are you not uncomfortable?"

BLY pulled out his own hand, sat up and said "I will not let you see my discomfort!"

GH sat up too and hugged him from behind his chin propped to BLY's shoulder, with great interest - asked "How uncomfortable will you be baby and I will decide"

"Are you really saying this?!" BLY spat angrily.

GH started to shower kisses on BLY's neck -he whispered "I want to hear?"

"I find you specially hateful, always seeing other people's suffering to fuel your fun." BLY pulled back and remember previous topic, "You said I was ruthless, ruthless to what point? You find two soldiers to beat me, you say how uncomfortable I can get, if that happens to you what will you feel?"

Usually you are so considerate in your care but because of a misunderstanding  that hit, you will hit you...... BLY  cringed everytime he thought of it.

GH suddenly straightened- watching BLY eagerly. "This is something that I have to explain. the initial two soldiers sent was mine but I definitely did not instruct them to hit you. THey might have thought I like Shi Hui instead thus the result of seeing you you guys together".

BLY felt like being hit of rotten persimmons "and my heart shall be call a diaphragm! what is this called? Like a person arrested for no reason to game the yard - beaten day and night- only to be told the next day - we got the wrong man...." BLY face darkened, walked back to his bed in silence - 

GH felt very uncomfortable.

"This is me being a bastard!, I am also specially distressed but at the time it just to breath, teeth did not see you. Tomorrow I'll go back to the unit as well as things did not get back there, you come with me, I will find two soldiers for you, we will find who instigated this, what do you think?"

BLY ramp GH a look "I think the mastermind is you!"

GH went to bed, wantonly stretched his limbs with eyes never leaving BLY. "Come here.."

BLY did not mind him just laid down on the bed.

GH poke his legs to BLY direction "I give you a chance, you do not grab it?"

BLY answered lazily, "well, let bygones be bygones, I did wrong , we do not have  who instructed after seeing the performance"

GH also laid down to the bed, hand easily touching BLY's shoulder.

BLY warned - "sleep..."

" Don't think about doing something else ah!"

GH turned BLY body to face him, holding him, closed his eyes contentedly.

After a month - this is the first time he felt secure.