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Book 1, Chapter 134 - Sleeping together

Bai LouYin slept restlessly during the night, turning often in bed. On several occasions, Bai LouYin's movements were so large that it woke up Gu Hai. Seeing this, Gu Hai softly called out to Bai LouYin but saw that he was still sleeping. Gu Hai pulled their blanket over again and covered both them up while he placed his arm over Bai LouYin to hug him.

After a while, Bai LouYin again made sudden movements, and at the same time opened his eyes.

"You can't sleep?", Gu Hai asked.

Bai LouYin didn't respond, his eyes were unfocused, and he was randomly waving his hands in bed as if he was looking for something.


Gu Hai felt it was funny, and touched Bai LouYin's head.

Bai LouYin's eyes revealed a somewhat panicked look, his eyes stared wide which might scare people at first glance. After that, he lifted his head, his hair covered his forehead, sweat rolling out and sticking them to it.

"My baby, what are you looking for?", Gu Hai asked while holding down Bai LouYin.

Bai LouYin closed his eyes and furrowed his eyebrows, an anxious expression painted on his face. He was muttering a few words, but Gu Hai did not comprehend what he was saying.

They have been struggling like this for a while, the blanket tossed around. Bai LouYin hit Gu Hai's belly unconsciously several times.

"What is up with this kid today?", Gu Hai wondered, then he gently caressed Bai LouYin's shoulder. He calmed a bit. Gu Hai continued this until Bai LouYin's breathing gradually became less frantic. Seeing this, Gu Hai stretched his hand and found Bai LouYin's hand. He tightly held it.

After a while, Gu Hai softly wispered in Bai LouYin's ear, "Yin Zi, I am here."

In that moment, Bai LouYin's body suddenly relaxed, sleeping like a child, without any movements. As he was relaxing, Bai LouYin made a faint, discernible "yes" that resounded withing the quiet space as if replying to Gu Hai's statement before.

Gu Hai's heart throbbed faintly.

"He obviously needs you, he cares about you a lot. Why didn't you feel it sooner? Did you think that by being patient and just having trust with each other that the harm you have done will heal him?", Gu Hai scolded himself.

Fortunately, he now realized that it was not too late. They still have a long, long way to go, but he felt that has a chance again to love him for a very long time.

Gu Hai's finger caresses Bai LouYin's cheek, obsessively staring at his eyes, never seeming to get tired of it. He stares until his eyelids could barely lift themselves up.


They slept soundly until the next afternoon. They didn't get a good sleep for quite a while, and this was a great opportunity for them to get one, why not just sleep?

Gu Hai woke up, looked at the alarm clock then put it down.

Bai LouYin turned toward Gu Hai and asked, "What time is it?"

"It's 4, still quite early."

Gu Hai's arms stuck under Bai LouYin's underarm, he grabbed his waist and tugged towards him in a hug.

With narrow and sleepy eyes, Bai LouYin looked outside and muttered, "How is it just 4 when it's a little bright outside?"

"Might be the snow."

Just hearing the word "snow" made Bai LouYin feel a heavy, sleepy feeling. It is a good time to sleep when it is snowing, so he just slept.

6 o'clock, Gu Hai glanced towards outside, yet it was still dark. The persistent sleepy feeling was still there. "Why do I feel like we slept far longer than the night? F*ck, my stomach is rumbling because of hunger."

Still in their warm bed, he once again fell into a deep sleep.

Bai LouYin then woke up and stood up from bed because he needed to use the bathroom to pee. While peeing, he looked out the window and saw that it was dark outside still.

Bai LouYin remembered sleeping a little more, and thought he had numerous lengthy dreams until dawn. He went back to their bed, took a glance at the alarm clock and saw it was already past 8, thinking for sure it would have brightened up already. Even if it was cloudy outside, he thought it wouldn't be totally black outside.

Suddenly, as if there was something wrong, he picked up the phone and looked.


It was already night time, they slept the whole day. He then looked at the person next to him, unaware, sleep still consuming him. Bai LouYin's head dropped back on the pillow.

In the end, Bai LouYin decided to continue sleeping so as not to disrupt his body clock. As a result, the first one that wasn't able to endure any longer was Gu Hai and he stood up at midnight. He went to the kitchen like a thief, opened the fridge and saw nothing. He rummaged through to find something and finally found two bundles of noodles.

He casually cooked the noodles, put a little seasoning on it and put some mustard on it.

Once a person becomes really hungry, anything they eat is really tasty for them.

Bai LouYin went to the kitchen as well and saw Gu Hai devouring the noodles. Gu Hai was on the last bits of the noodles when he noticed Bai LouYin at the door. "Is there anything left?" Hearing this, Gu Hai's adam's apple moved as he swallowed the last bits of the noodles and said, "No."

Bai LouYin made a very pained expression. Gu Hai felt embarrassed seeing this and laughed.

"I thought I was the only one hungry since I slept hungry last night. I actually haven't eaten well for quite sometime. I have starved myself for quite a while until the Lantern Festival."

"That... If I knew you were hungry as well, I would've saved a bowl for you. It's almost daytime anyway, might as well endure it a bit longer." Disheartened, Bai LouYin returned to the bedroom, head hung low with a seemingly wounded expression.

Feeling guilty seeing him like this, Gu Hai got dressed and drove a few blocks and finally saw 24-hour restaurant. He bought a few take-outs and rushed back to Bai LouYin.


The next morning, which was about the third day, Gu Hai and Bai LouYin went out to see the troops at the army base. After sleeping for more than twenty hours, their spirits were in a good mood. Their energy was replenished so much so that if they put on military uniforms and started marching with the troops, they wouldn't be left behind.

Bai LouYin followed Gu Hai around the army base as they walked towards the dormitories. On their way there, they met a few military veterens who all greeted Gu Hai.

One particular troop came to a halt, sized up Bai LouYin several times before asking Gu Hai, "Who is this?"

Gu Hai kicked that troop's calf while replying sternly, "Who this is none of your business. Why don't you get lost!"

Breathing a large lump of cold air, he made a few more glances towards Bai LouYin before leaving them alone.

Bai LouYin noticed how domineering and arrogant Gu Hai was while talking to that troop. He actually thought that he must be doing it on purpose to show off in front of him. He even teased Gu Hai about it saying, "You're definitely the general's son!"

"That's not it, didn't you notice that guy's expression when he was looking at you?"

Bai LouYin didn't seem to notice.

Gu Hai patted Bai LouYin's head a few times, while trying to show his heartfelt concern for him, he said, "Silly boy, try to be a little smarter. Men can change once they enter the army. Out of ten guys that enter, one will turn out to be 'different' from others."

"Now I know why you stayed here all the time before."

Not getting the hidden meaning behind Bai LouYin's statement, Gu Hai snorted back, "It's because you made me mad."

"So you made your way here to find that 'one out of ten' guy because I got mad?"

"You f*cker......" Gu Hai looked towards Bai LouYin's ass and gave it a light kick, saying, "Other than you, I'm not even the least bit attracted to any other guy."

During the time they were arguing, they unknowingly arrived at their destination. It was a room where Gu Hai stayed at the dormitories.

"Come in."

Once in side the dormitory, Bai LouYin observed and was surprised by how neat and orderly it was inside.The quilt was neatly folded in a box shape, the bed sheet was pulled over nicely, with no trace of wrinkles.

Thinking of their bed back home, and then thinking about the mess at home, and his heart cannot help but sigh for a moment. He though of how different his situation was back then to the life of a military

Gu Hai knew what Bai LouYin was thinking, and explained, "A guard regularly cleans it all.”

Bai LouYin nodded and said, “Maybe we can also bring him over at home to clean?"

“I dare you."

Gu Hai pointed a gun at Bai LouYin's head, but thought to be careful with the gun because he wasn't sure if it had ammunition in it or not. Gu Hai handed the gun carefully, for fear of accidentally firing away. Bai LouYin took over the gun, put it in his hands and played with it. This is the first time he had touched a real one. Eventually getting excited over it, he pointed at a window and pulled the trigger.

A loud "bang" was heard.

The glass suddenly had cobweb-like cracks on it.

Gu Hai was fixing his things when he was startled by the sudden sound.

There really was a bullet inside?

Fortunately, Bai LouYin wasn't aiming at him when he pulled the trigger. Bai LouYin pointed the muzzle towards him and tried to look inside it.

This act made Gu Hai extremely afraid, he quickly made his way to Bai LouYin and removed the bullet cartridge. He then said, "Don't play around with this one, I'll give you a better gun."


Bai LouYin pat his legs and stood up while observing the entire room. 

“Why not?” Gu Hai asked.

Bai LouYin lips made a faint smile, giving away the thought.

"I'm afraid someday I might shoot you when I can't bear it any longer."