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BOOK1 Chapter 137 : Throbbing pains of youth Human actions cannot

BLY reached his limit, went limp above GH still dropping kisses to GH's neck.

GH soon started feeling aroused, clinging his leg to BLY buttocks - soles of his feet caressing, toes slowly tracing to the center of BLY's lower back which made BLY reflexively shiver, hand movements stop, stares getting heavy, his whole body became still

Oooops.... GH's heart suddenly felt a sweet chill. this is true with the psychological shadow ah, after all it has only been last night....

BLY on the other hand, crooked his head towards GH- showing his handsome cheek "I seem to have the feeling"

GH realised something amiss - because against the coccyx of a mischievous little guy began to stir.. beat nerves at his head..

"one is not enough? is there gonna be a second? what a cruel request. GH is physically better.. Bai LuoYin!!!... you are frustrating..."

"My baby, you take a break now, rest your body, we have so many things to write up.. I have not completed mine yet.."

BLY continued rubbing his side to GH :" just once? I guarantee you will also get comfortable, GH-- do you not want me?? am I not wanted now? "

GH is getting aroused himself- also he is getting angry... "you say you are not a baby!?! just choose this time for that - and I am the spoiled one?"

He pulled BLY head to him and saw that his expression is different from before- beautiful eyes showing longing and anticipation as well as heat with arousal - making GH go crazy with desire.. unfortunately he stopped himself.

GH took a deep breath, anyway today is also affected with the passion and let BLY have his way.. not caring for once.. just let the feeling take them high and complete - letting the other cool down this way, one-time enough to eat, and later did not mind this idea.

Who is loving who then?

As a result, BLY played with him all night, non-stop with the heat and they made love over and over again, until they couldn't move at all ... breathless.

As a result, both of them tasted the consequences the next day.

GH felt like he had just done a triathlon needlessly -that if you drive a nail in his bone he won't feel it with the numbness.

BLY indulged all night,got tired and fell asleep no sooner than a breath wanting to take a break- and as a result he felt very uncomfortable when he woke up ; he went to the bathroom. took out his bird and found it all puffy and painful when touched- more so when he is urinating.. LuoYin effortlessly propped his arm to the wall, the other hand carefully holding on to his bird bearing on the sting of pain both from the bird and endure from his lower back, the whole process like fighting in a battle.

Finally he laid back on the bed, the situation not much better, he can't find a position more comfortable than the last.

... tired and sleepy though he cannot really sleep, the joy he felt last night now replaced with regret and torture.

GH who is next to him lay there motionless, seemingly slept and very fragrant, in fact he quietly endured BLY sweet assault leaving no sleep between them -they had even done it not just once, but four or five times!!!

He can imagine how GH may be feeling now and he started to feel regret and distress.

He tentatively felt GH's temperature -- good news is, its normal- no fever.

Feeling BLY's touch GH opened his eyes, finding a tired face- the uninhibited visage last night a totally different person.

Seeing GH opening his eye so quickly, he realized he was always awake. "Did you sleep well... last night?"

GH asked, "What do you think?"

BLY got shy "does it hurt?"

"What nonsense? How much I hurt you before does that not count?"

BLY looked like child who did something wrong, his face repenting, head dropped  to the pillow not saying a word.

GH saw BLY's remorse, from an unpromising distressed on the first, reached over to touch his hair, comforting him: "Well, do not mind it, its nothing big, my physique is on par.."

BLY kept his face on the quilt showing only his head- hair a mess, like a nest, like I do not know yet that people can suffer bullying him.

GH struggled to go under BLY, a surge of tingling felt on his spine down to the tailbone - extending all the way to his forehead - his brow frowning for a moment, his face attached to BLY's neck.

BLY looked at him sideways, searching GH's eyes "last night were you not uncomfortable at all? Not even a little?"

Hearing this GH did not know how to respond, being a man this might affect their mood.He understood this might affect his physical relation with BLY, knowing that if he hurts GH he might not try to do it again.."urgh this is frustrating"

BLY catching GH's hesitant eyes, BLY still understood him and his face became more gloomy.

GH did not see that BLY became more uncomfortable, he answered : "In fact, it was a bit uncomfortable."

BLY stared at GH,muffled, said "Next time I will not do so" and GH quickyly answered "Do not!" GH rebuffed "no next time, and that is the only time we will have it this way."

For this problem, GH thought very clearly, he cannot let BLY see this to be suitable, not because he is distressed, and they forced themselves to bear the pain. After all love is two things, as long as one is painful, this process is no longer necessary. He believes he is at fault on the last mistake, this time as long as he continue to learn and progress, one day BLY will accept them together.

Of course this is BaiLuoYin's idea too. only now he temporarily set it aside these thoughts last night as he was too caught up with the heat. He fears to think about such things, and he knows good physique is the key for them. He streched his arm to the drawer, pulling out the ointment which he wanted to throw originally but thought otherwise as it is also comes handy at the moment.

"what are you up to?" GH asked as BLY opened the quilt, a determined look visible on his face.

BLY though embarrassed said "I'll put some medicine on it, this is the ointment the doctor gave me last time, it has not run out."

"no need!" GH frowned, hands guarding his pyjamas, his tone  gruff "I am fine, I don't need the medicine"

"Do you still feel shy ah? I was injured and unconscious, outsiders put it on me? Did I not put up with it? And you were there all the time seeing me, I did not say anything? You think I was happy to give you a go? I do not see what you are being stingy about...."

GH became still - "I said I'm all right. all right!"

"Hands off!" said BLY not giving any room for GH to fight him off, he toppled over GH directly lying on him, pressing him fiercely, took off his pants, clawed on the ointment.... okay... he did not imagine it would be like that- swollen --but the swelling is also powerful, BLY tried to make little movements as possible.

GH slowly relaxed, feeling moved as he is keenly aware of BLY constantly breathing while wiping the medicine, as if he himself is in pain.

If such thoughtful care is felt, he felt being wounded is still good and it made GH happy.. <how simpleminded can he be?>

BLY slightly maneuvered himself off GH but accidentally brushed his front crotch to GH's kneecap, and the pain made him curl up though still grinning.

GH noticed and asked "what is wrong?"

BLY kept his furrowed eyebrows waving his hand.

GH felt something is wrong and seeing BLY clutching the front of his pants, guessed what can be wrong...

"Pants off."GH commanded this time.

BaiLuoYin thought after all the glory last night, stayed in place, "today can I show it as a joke?" there is nothing to be shy about, lick all licked, and I look afraid ah?!"

GH stood up, felt a burst of pain...ahhhh he wants to BS-ing! finally moved to the bathroom,got a towel wet with warm water, wrung and walked back to the bedroom, resting by the door.

He did so sad reminder of last night, was tossing half to death, woke up after the other had to wait!

BLY saw GH holding the wet towel, knowing what will happen next, got scared and roll of the bed, ran staggerring toward the door.

GH already moving, this guy still scurrying.

"You come back here!" GH yelled.

BLY is leaning back against the wall to go,showing resistance.

"You do not let me catch you!" GH bluffed and picked up the belt, " I quickly obediently laid back!"

BLY stayed by the wall disobediently, he kept moving to the door, opened it with too much force that he almost slipped down the ground feeling his body floating.

Finally, with the short distance, GH asked "BLY, you say you and I toss this <>?"

BLY wiped his forehead off the beads of sweat, suddenly getting mixed feelings.

GH barely straightened, went back to the bathroom- teeth gritting- had to wet the towel with warm water again.

BLY seeing him, tried to be tolerable  and went back to bed obediently.

GH endured the discomfort, gently wiped BLY swelling crotch, after that he also wiped some ointment on it, looking up to BLY who did not look down at all while being tended.

After a while, GH gave BLY a hard look, like angry but not really angry saying" this is what you end up doing bad things"

BLY agonizingly pulled out GH's hair.

Not wearing pants, the phone rang. GH took a look and saw it was LiShuo calling.

" Ha ha ha... GuHai.. I am in front of your house... quickly open the door brother!"