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Book 1 Chapter 179 - Got Caught While Committing a Crime!

The elevator door opens. Gu Hai's feet stall for a moment and then he walks out quietly.

Bai Luoyin squats outside the door of their home. On the floor there is a pile of cigarette butts. Hearing the elevator door's sound, he raises his eyelids and soon lowers them. On his hand is a half finished cigarette. He inhales from the cigarette, and throws the cigarette butt on the floor again.

Gu Hai squats down to look at Bai Luoyin. His face has a utterly tender expression, as if the jerk who picked fights at noon was a totally different person.

"Why didn't you go inside? Don't you feel cold here?"

After saying this, he picks up Bai Luoyin's hands. They are cold as steel. Right away he feels sorry.

"Have you been waiting for me all this time?"

In fact this is clearly a redundant question. The answer cannot be more obvious by looking at the pile of cigarette butts!

"I just received that text message." Gu Hai raises Bai Luoyin's chin, "If I had seen it earlier, I'd have come back home to cook for you. Have you eaten yet?"

Bai Luoyin doesn't say anything but just keeps staring at Gu Hai.

Gu Hai figures just by looking at him that he must have not eaten yet.

"Come on. Let's go inside and I'll get you something to eat."

Gu Hai stands up and tries to drag Bai Luoyin to go inside but he isn't able to. His heart that has been frozen for the half day suddenly melts completely, transforming into a puddle of water. At this time late at night, Bai Luoyin squatted here to wait for him to come home. He wonders, if he didn't see the text message, would he be waiting for him here for the whole night?

He pulls Bai Luoyin into his bosom and feels his body is cold from head to toe.

"Could we just go inside?" Gu Hai begs softly. "In the future, if I act like a jerk again, just beat me up. No matter how mad I get, I'm not going to leave you at home by yourself again."

Bai Luoyin's stiff hand caresses Gu Hai's neck. A cold current flows from the neck to the heart along the blood vessel.

"If you don't come back, it would be meaningless for me to get inside this door."

Gu Hai lovingly pats on Bai Luoyin's hair. His warm face sticks to Bai Luoyin's cold face. He feels very regretful.

"In the future, I will never go away. Never again."

At this time, Bai Luoyin tells Gu Hai the words from the bottom of his heart.

"During the twenty some days you were out of town, the most difficult part of my life is to sleep alone. Every time I found there was no one next to me, I woke up and couldn't fall back asleep again. I had a lot of fears, fearing that something bad would happen to you. That's why I didn't want to think about it. As soon as I close my eyes everyday, I told myself that you're lying next to me. I drank because I didn't feel well. I slept with someone else because I needed someone to keep me company so that I wouldn't be afraid. In fact, it doesn't matter who it is, and once I fell asleep, this person became you."

These words make Gu Hai's heart warm and fuzzy. He is really touched and heart wrenching.

"I should have called you more often at that time and should not have made a long phone call and then gone without contacting you for many days. I care too much about satisfying my own needs and always ignore your feelings."

"What use is there saying this now?" Bai Luoyin pinches Gu Hai's ear, "What has been done has been done!"

"How can it be of no use?" Gu Hai scrubs his unshaven chin against Bai Luoyin's thin lips, "At least it makes me realize how very sorry I am."

"What then now you know?" Bai Luoyin's fierce eyes sweep across Gu Hai's tender eyes, "Now that you know you're sorry, next time we fight you're going to try even harder to fuck me to death?"

"No no no... you fuck me. You fuck me." Gu Hai shamelessly apologizes.

"Remember what you just said. Next time you act like a jerk, I'm going to strip off your pants without hesitation."

Gu Hai nods his head in willing agreement.

Bai Luoyin smiles. It's like a flicker of tender warm light in a dark tunnel, so clear and bright. Gu Hai's heart is instantly hypnotized. He fixes his gaze on the clear spring inside Bai Luoyin's eyes. It appears everything else around becomes blurry except his eyes, his nose and his lips....leave a clear and indelible impression on his mind."

Gu Hai's hand just exerts a slight force to push Bai Luoyin's head against the wall behind.

Their lips kiss. Initially they're light and tender like the dragonflies touching the water. Then they grow in intensity. Never before did they leave such attentive love on the light red thin lips. The corner of the lips are plied open. While sweeping across the teeth, the tip of the tongue can be felt intermittently in its wetness and trembling. Gu Hai's hand covers the hair at the back of Bai Luoyin's head. Bai Luoyin's hand holds Gu Hai's face. Their feelings are thick and intense, yet sinuous and lasting...

Under the dim light, the long shadows of the two are cast on the door of the elevator.

This is until at some point in time the two long shadows are cut off abruptly.

But they still have not noticed and continue with no reservation.

Time seems to have stopped running at this moment. In addition to the indulgence of the two, there is the shocking bewilderment of the third person.

Gu Weiting just wanted to make a quick visit to see Gu Hai, but now what he is seeing becomes unforgettable for his life.

His two sons are engaging in intolerable and condemnable behaviors right in front of his eyes.

Commander Gu doesn't have the interest nor the time to enjoy this moving scene. If other people suffer from bleeding noses due to envy when witnessing this scene, his bleeding nose would instead just be a precursor to the most uncontrollable rage.

The two are still falling for each other, totally oblivious to the outside world. Suddenly a breaking sound comes from the door handle.

Gu Hai looks to the side and sees Gu Weiting's stern steely purple face.

But when Gu Weiting looks to the side, he sees Gu Hai's tongue is just getting out from Bai Luoyin's mouth.

There hasn't even been time for reaction and Gu Weiting already drags Gu Hai away from Bai Luoyin. He then gives Gu Hai a forceful kick. Gu Hai's body falls on the door. A loud thump can be heard. That's from the back of Gu Hai's head hitting the steel door.

It can be imagined after taking a big hit on the back of his head, how dizzy Gu Hai must have felt. Luckily he grabs the door handle in time before his whole body could slide down to the floor.

Gu Weiting still isn't satisfied and raises his hand while facing Gu Hai.

Bai Luoyin rushes to Gu Hai's front to shield him.

Gu Weiting from head to toe elicits utmost fear from others.

"Do you think I don't dare to touch you?" Gu Weiting angrily stares at Bai Luoyin.

Bai Luoyin doesn't move at all and just stands in front of Gu Hai, as if ready to guard until his death.

Gu Hai suddenly comes back to his mind and drags Bai Luoyin behind him. He acts like a stubborn new born farm animal waiting to be disciplined.

"Don't you dare to touch him!"

Gu Weiting's body, strong like a tiger, comes to a jolt.

"What did you just say to me?"

Bai Luoyin wants to cover Gu Hai's mouth with his hand but it's too late. As soon as he extends his arm, Gu Hai grabs and holds it.

"You can beat me to death. I would not mind. But you cannot touch him. For each time you hit him, I'll call you my dad one less time!"

"Do you think I'm desperate for you to call me your dad?" Gu Weiting's hand grabs Gu Hai's shirt and pulls him over. His power is overwhelming, "Now I would rather I don't have a son like you!"

"It's too late to regret. Why did you and mom give birth to me then?"

"You!!... "

Gu Weiting almost suffers from anger induced internal hemorrhage. Yes, this jerk deserves to die. But he is the only blood child he has. He is also the only embodiment and hope that his late wife had left.

"Come in, both of you! !"

Right after yelling this, the two turtle sons walk into their home together to face interrogation.

"Tell me, what's going on here?"

Gu Hai's face is dim, "Didn't you just see it all?"

Gu Weiting's hand wildly throws a glass in Gu Hai's direction. The shattering noise almost punctures Bai Luoyin's ear drums.

"You talk to me properly!"

Bai Luoyin pulls on Gu Hai's hand, hoping to calm him down. But Gu Weiting catches the sight and suddenly pulls up a military whip and cracks it toward the two hands that are holding each other. The whip left a burning pain on the hand. Bai Luoyin tries to tolerate the pain and secretly takes deep breaths. He still holds fast and doesn't let the hand go.

"You two are such good buddies to each other!"

Gu Hai's heart tightens, and draws Bai Luoyin's hand in front of his eyes. There is a clear red mark on the back of his hand. Gu Hai's eyes are instantly burning. Just as he is about to burst, Bai Luoyin steps forward ahead of him.

"Uncle, this is all my fault. I was the one who seduced Gu Hai."

Gu Hai panics. He holds Bai Luoyin's shoulders, and says angrily: "Do I need you to be my scapegoat?"

Bai Luoyin speaks in a low voice, "Don't worry. Your dad doesn't dare to do anything to me."

"Are you his son or am I his son? Even a beast like tiger would not eat its child! As much angry as he gets, what can he do to me?"

"He won't kill you, but you still have to suffer!"

"I'm willing to endure it!"

Gu Weiting watches with his dark face his two sons push and pulling each other in front of him. He can't take it anymore and suddenly pounds on the table, "Are the two of you finished or not?"

The two of them go quiet simultaneously. Even then, Gu Hai doesn't forget to massage the back of Bai Luoyin's hand that was hit by the whip.

Gu Weiting stands up, walks to the front of them, and stares squarely at them.

Gu Hai confronts Gu Weiting with the face of a soldier ready for battle.

After a long time, Gu Weiting opens his mouth.

"Is it because the two of you have lived together for a long time and you don't have girlfriends that you guys do such things?"

Gu Weiting has been in the military for a long time. He is extremely familiar with an all male environment. It's not a big deal that guys do this kind of irregular things once in a while. This is still better than trashing women. But the premise is that it should not be a regular occurrence and that it is just not abiding by the rules and not to the degree of going against morality and nature.

"No." Gu Hai responds straight forwardly and in a way inviting troubles, "We both had girlfriends before. But because we love each other, we gave up relationships between boys and girls and chose this path of no return. Yet we will never regret a bit!"

For some unknown reasons, when Gu Hai said all this, Bai Luoyin realized that even if strong storms are coming in their way, in his heart he will never turn back.