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Book 1 Chapter 181 - The Process of Brainwash Commences

After taking some beating, Gu Hai eats the breakfast by slitting open the corner of his mouth that has become puffy. Gu Weiting sits opposite to him and watching him quietly.

"You're not going to watch me like this for my whole life, are you?"

Gu Weiting opens his mouth and says coldly, "It wouldn't be as much as your whole life. I won't be able to live to the day you die. But for the rest of my life, you should give up expecting to regain your personal freedom."

Gu Hai stops the chewing motion of his mouth and stares at Gu Weiting with his dark gaze.

"Don't force me to commit patricide."

Gu Weiting stands up, smooths his clothes, and speaks in a lightly manner: "If you can really kill me, I'd be proud of you."

"Crazy old man..." Gu Hai mumbles.

Gu Weiting's hands halt around his collar and gives a glance at Gu Hai with part of his vision, "What did you just say?"

"I said...I keep fighting!" Gu Hai playfully waves his fist.

After this he grimaces as much as can in his own mind.

Gu Weiting finishes smoothing his clothes, puts on his shoes, and says a sentence just before he leaves, "I'm going to travel for business for one week."

Gu Hai's eyes brighten.

"I'll have someone watching over you." Gu Weiting adds another sentence.

Gu Hai's fiery eyes show some annoyance. He retorts indignantly, "At least I have to go to school, don't I? I can't give up my study all just because of this thing, right?"

"You don't have to worry about this. I have already hired a teacher. With a famous teacher, face to face instructions, 100% good review rate, it's guaranteed you'll be able to get into a high ranking college."

Gu Hai slightly moves the corner of his mouth that has turned purple, "Are you being fooled by an educational facility somewhere?"

"If he can fool me, he can also fool you into turning straight."

Gu Hai reveals his despise on his facial expression.

Before Gu Weiting leaves, he adds a few more words, "I don't have much patience. I only give you a week's time. After a week, I'll be back to check the results. If you still stubbornly cling to your old ways, then we'll have to find some other methods."

After speaking this, his loud steps gradually disappear.

Gu Hai hurriedly gets up, grabs the ointment he hid for the night, then goes straight through the front door as fast as he can.

"Mr. Gu, this way, please!"

At the door, two soldiers from the special force carrying long guns gesture respectfully.

"Thanks." Gu Hai shows no signs on his face.

Just when he is about to step away, suddenly two bodies flash by in high speed, take hold of each of Gu Hai's arms, and force him to walk in a certain direction. Gu Hai of course cannot tolerate the coercion and starts to fight back. A physical brawl among three people breaks out.

These two soldiers cannot be easily dismissed. If they can be handpicked by Gu Weiting, they must be the cream of the crop. They are more than enough to fight against Gu Hai. Before Gu Weiting left, he also instructed them not to hesitate using force no matter who it is that does not obey order. Nonetheless, they are smart enough to know that they would not be able to bear the responsibility for causing any injuries. Therefore, they can only try to immobilize him. It is more strenuous but has less risks.

The two are afraid of angering Gu Hai and incurring harm. At the time they put the handcuff on Gu Hai, they did not forget to give him a praise, "The Commander's son is indeed extraordinary. He is really the best of the best!"

Fuck, where did he find such two morons....Gu Hai curses in his mind.

Finally, the two soldiers take Gu Hai to a room. Bai Luoyin is already inside. Their eyes meet and they both show their surprise. Gu Hai can't help but yell back, "Why didn't you guys tell me earlier you're bringing me to see him?"

One of the soldiers holds his head high and responds resolutely, "You also didn't ask."

"Okay, leave now."

The two take synchronous steps to walk out.

"Hold on. Unlock the handcuff first."

Seeing that Gu Hai was taken here by force, Bai Luoyin can't help but become sad. Then he also sees the injuries on his body and the big wound next to his dull eye. He really got beaten up after all. What he had worried about the whole night had indeed happened.

"You didn't sleep well, right?" Gu Hai looks at Bai Luoyin with his face full of bruises.

Bai Luoyin moves his lips but nothing comes out for a long time.

"Oh yes." Gu Hai takes out from his pocket the tube of ointment and gives it to Bai Luoyin, "I wanted to hand this to you last night. But my dad discovered and almost confiscated it."

Bai Luoyin takes it into his hand, lowers his head to look at it and asks, "Why are you giving me an ointment?"

"Didn't your hand got hurt by the whip?"

Bai Luoyin is petrified. He had forgotten about it long time ago and yet Gu Hai still remembers.

"You yourself have gotten into this shape and you still deliver the ointment for me?"

"This is nothing unusual. All of this is like mosquito bites. I don't feel anything." After saying this, he grabs Bai Luoyin's hand and looks at it with a lovely expression, "Fuck, there is a scar!"

Bai Luoyin feels as if Gu Hai was stabbing his chest with a knife when he said it in that tone.

"Before you went away, didn't you promise that you would have a nice attitude and would not get into a confrontation with your dad?"

"My attitude was pretty respectful." Gu Hai has the expression of being wronged. "I told him I'd like to talk with him nicely. He also agreed. At that time I spoke in a nice manner. But he was too unreasonable, and it became physical after some talk."

Bai Luoyin slightly narrows his eyes, and asks tentatively: "Did you ask him about how I was?"

Gu Hai smiles with difficulty as the corner of his mouth slits open, "You are the one who knows me well."

Bai Luoyin all of a sudden is unable to speak.

"Oh yes, I was about to ask you. Where is the room that Officer Sun placed you? What kind of condition does the room have?"

".... "

"Did you sleep last night? Was the bed big enough? Was the comforter warm enough?"

"Did Officer Sun try to lecture you? Did he say what he was going to do to you?"

Gu Hai said so many things in a row. Bai Luoyin didn't respond to any questions but just sits there with a dark face without laying a look at Gu Hai. Gu Hai does not have patience. Not only does it take effort to speak, he also is not getting any response. His feelings are understandable.

"Why don't you answer me?" Gu Hai in a bad mood slightly slaps Bai Luoyin's head.

Bai Luoyin's fierce eyes scan over Gu Hai, "Don't bother me!"

Gu Weiting said so many hurtful things, none of which Gu Hai has absorbed in his mind. But just this sentence from Bai Luoyin really hurt Gu Hai.

"It's not easy that the two of us finally got to see each other. And you still treat me like this. Aren't you mean?"

Bai Luoyin replies in his own mind that no one is as mean as you. Just look at what you did... you freaking just do exactly everything I'm afraid of!

Until the teacher comes, Gu Hai wasn't able to speak to Bai Luoyin again.

The teacher is also an officer in the military and has a graduate degree. He had tutored some soldiers but in a volunteer capacity. This is the first time that he has been asked to teach so systematically. In front of the sons of the Commander, he can't help but feel nervous.

"Let me introduce myself. My name is Zhang Hua. I'm 26. I graduated from Beijing Aeronautical and Aerospace University."

Two faces stare at him together without expressions.

"So, I'm very happy to be tutoring you here. My ability is limited. If there is anything not clear, please let me know at any time."

"Hum hum... You don't have to call me Mr. Zhang. Just call me Little Zhang. They all call me that."

"That's it. Let's start with the lecture."

The teacher talks to himself in front. The two of them both have things occupying their minds and didn't listen to a word.

Gu Hai doesn't understand why Bai Luoyin suddenly turned into bad mood. Is he not happy that I brought him here? Did something happen to him? Does he regret? Does he want to get out of here? Or did something I said angered him?

Bai Luoyin can't help but takes a glance at Gu Hai. He finds him seemingly troubled by something. What is in his mind? He can't bear to look at him again. He looks so pitiable. He is like an abandoned child. The more he looks at him the more heartaches he feels.

Each of them has his lunch in his own separate room. The lunch is specially delivered.

In the afternoon, there are more lectures. At the end of the day on their way back, Gu Hai finally finds where Bai Luoyin is staying. After much ado, it is actually in the same building Officer Sun lives. It is just separated from Gu Hai's place by only a road way.

Even though it is just a road way, Gu Hai is not allowed to pass. He can only look toward the other building.

After dinner, someone knocks at the door.

Gu Hai opens the door and sees a stranger that wears glasses and a white coat like a doctor.

"Did you get the wrong address?"

"Are you not Comrade Gu?"

It goes without saying this must be another stupid trick Gu Weiting is deploying.

"I'm a comrade (*euphemism for gay) but I'm not Gu Hai."

The doctor smiles politely. "You must be him. I specialize in treating gay patients. My name is Wang Xiaoman and I'm a psychiatrist."

Just when Gu Hai tries to close the door, the female doctor quickly gets inside. She must have received good training as she is as fast as lightning.

"....Do you usually get inside patients' houses like this?" Gu Hai's face is dark as if filled with dark lines.

The doctor displays professional smile on her face, "Let's get to our main subject."

"You go sit down." Gu Hai raises his chin.

The female doctor seems a little surprised by the sudden hospitality.

"I happen to have some trouble in my mind. See if you can help me get rid of it."

"Go ahead and tell me about it."

Gu Hai says with a tight frown, "Tell me, why he doesn't want to talk to me?"

"Could you please be specific who the 'he' is?"

"Aren't you a psychiatrist? You should be able to tell what I'm thinking in my mind. Do you still need me to say clearly?"

The doctor is a little embarrassed, "Then I'll try to analyze it."

Gu Hai nods his head.

"I think the reason he doesn't talk to you is that you don't listen to him."

"I don't listen to him?" Gu Hai has the expression of being puzzled. "How did I not listen to him?"

"Just think. In his lifetime, mostly he has either been taking or giving orders. Everybody's mode of thinking has a lot to do with his living environment. His mode of thinking is just like a straight line. It's neither rational nor emotional. There is no room for wavering. Every time something happens, he must respond. But you, as his son, lives in a different environment than he does......"

"You are the one who is his son!" Gu Hai suddenly gets angry. "All of your family members are his sons!"

The female doctor loses her composure and in a timid voice says, "How can you speak like this?"

"The person you talked about is a totally different one than who I was thinking about."


"A psychiatrist? Good for nothing except to digress." Gu Hai waves his hand with his dark face. "Just go away and don't wait for me to chase you out!"

The female doctor, "......."