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Book 1 Chapter 202 Safe Arrival in Tibet

"How about this car model?"

A luxury SUV is displayed in front of Bai Luoyin. It's a new car model just recently being promoted. 

"Why did you rent such an expensive car?"

"Rented what?" Gu Hai leans against the car door, a smile hidden behind his broad face, "I bought it new." 

Bai Luoyin slightly narrows his eyes, "Bought it? Where did you get the money?" 

By this, did you mean that you didn't give me all of your money? You still have your own savings somewhere? Tell me the truth! 

"Do you remember that red diamond necklace? I sold it." He looks proud of himself, as if he did something really smart. 

"When did you sell it? How come I know nothing about this?" Bai Luoyin finds that Gu Hai has got secretive. 

"When we were still in Beijing, that person contacted me to say he is interested. I just dismissed it. Two days ago, he called me again. I thought we needed an SUV. Why not just sell the necklace? After all, I don't have any use for the necklace. Who knows? I may get it lost some day. Then I'd have nothing." 

Sweat comes out on Bai Luoyin's forehead, "Luckily we didn't bring real estate deeds here." 

"Doesn't it also cost money to rent a car? We might as well buy one, since we're not just using it this time alone. After our college entrance exams, where will we spend all of our loads of spare time? We are still going to travel to places!" 

Bai Luoyin just grins superficially, "If we keep living the way we are, are there going to be college entrance exams?" 

"Why do you think so far ahead? There are still three more months to go! Come on, let's get into the car. We have to get on the road, or it'll get dark when we cross the provincial border." 

Bai Luoyin does not move, but just stares at Gu Hai with a blank face. 

Gu Hai moves a corner of his mouth. His body freezes for a short while and then suddenly relaxes. He puts his hands in the pocket, pulls out a bank card, and reluctantly hands it to Bai Luoyin. 

"The money left from selling the necklace is all here."

Bai Luoyin curls up the corners of his lips, "Get into the car!"

The two hit a high five, and get on the road in the new car. 

To get from Qingdao to Tibet, there is either the Sichuan-Tibet Highway or the Qinghai-Tibet Highway. They decide to go with the Sichuan-Tibet Highway and will take the Qinghai-Tibet Highway on the way back, so that they can see more scenery on the road. The car is well equipped in the trunk. Gu Hai did a lot of research and listed essential things to bring along. He is responsible for preparing and Bai Luoyin is responsible for checking. They have considered all the emergencies that can possibly occur and ways to deal with them. 

Three days later, the two arrive in Chengdu. Because of being curious about this city which is on top of the chart of happiness index, Bai Luoyin suggests that they stay there for two days. After two days they get back on the road. They encounter numerous problems on the road, for example car breakdown, road construction, severe weather, road block and robbery...With their courage and intelligence, they have resolved all of them. 

But they arrive at the destination four days later than expected. It's already April by the time they get to Tibet. 

The car is cruising on the highway smoothly. The latitude quietly gets to 3,000 meters without them even noticing it. As they make their way on the road, the sky becomes clearer and clearer. One by one, many snowy peaks wrapped by streaks of clouds begin to appear in their eyesight, promptly lifting their tired spirit. Bai Luoyin sweeps his view outside and suddenly his eyes show excitement. He grabs Gu Hai's arm and says: "Look quickly, a Tibetan antelope!" 

Gu Hai slows down the car. A reddish brown Tibetan antelope is not far away from them. Its strong and fit body reveals the tenacity required to live in this high-altitude cold environment. Now it is sprinting toward the north in a beautiful posture as if flying and displaying the vivid colors of life. 

"Are you breathing with any problem?" Gu Hai asks.

Bai Luoyin's thoughts come back and he pats on his own chest. He doesn't feel anything unusual, probably because of having been overcome by the excitement just now. 

Gu Hai makes a stop and brings Bai Luoyin an oral liquid.

This oral liquid prevents the high altitude syndrome. These past few days both of them have been taking it. Bai Luoyin really doesn't like the taste of it. Every time he puts it off before finally taking it. Today he does not wait for long and takes it even before Gu Hai forces him to do it. It's probably because of the nice scenery which makes him ignore the small nuisance. 

"If you feel any discomfort, you have to tell me." Gu Hai reminds him. 

Bai Luoyin nods his head, "Don't worry. I'm fine. Let's keep going." 

At noon, the two finally arrives at Lhasa.

Bai Luoyin was about to open the car door in excitement but Gu Hai stops him to undergo a series of preparation steps for the outdoors. Sunblock, sunglasses, a hat...none should be skipped. Bai Luoyin thought Gu Hai was making it too much of a big deal, but he finds him to be smart once he got out and walked a few steps. The sunlight here is unusually strong and one's skin can feel a burning sensation if exposed directly to it. No wonder Tibetans have a dark tan, and look very rough and rugged. 

Originally they had planned to take some rest once they arrived in Tibet, but they can no longer wait. They quickly grab a few bites and go visit the Jokhang Temple. The whole afternoon they have been under the sun there. Watching the pilgrims prostrating, chanting, and praying at the front gate with their clear eyes and devout expressions, Bai Luoyin cannot help but lament that it's sad not to believe in any faiths. Sitting here as a spectator, he feels he is missing something in his life. 

"I should also pray a little." Gu Hai suddenly speaks.

Bai Luoyin looks at him with the corner of his eyes, "They are praying for their next lives. What are you praying for?" 

"I don't pray for a next life. I only hope to accompany you for the rest of my life." 

Bai Luoyin's eyes are unable to cover up his smile, "I represent the Buddha to safeguard you to your next life!" 


Getting back from the Jokhang Temple, the two of them go to eat at a famous Tibetan restaurant. They drink the genuine Tibetan highland barley wine, taste the Tibetan butter tea and eat the authentic hand pulled lamb...Unfortunately they are not used to the taste. After they get out of the restaurant, both of them feel they did not have enough to eat. So, then they find a noodle place and satisfy themselves with two big bowels of noodles. 

When they got back to the hotel, it's already dark outside. The temperature between day and night here is starkly different. When getting out of the car, Bai Luoyin has shivers. Gu Hai places his arm around him, and the two walk into the hotel shoulder by shoulder.

When they take the bath, Gu Hai and Bai Luoyin find with dismay that they had been exposed to too much sunlight. Even though they had been prepared for it, the back of the neck still has sunburn induced skin flakes. This is not too bad compared to the face where the place covered by the sunglasses and the place without seem to have come from different races. When looking into the mirror, they find their looks have been destroyed.

Gu Hai applies some skin ointment for Bai Luoyin but he could not bear to look at it. "Look, your skin has been so burnt that the flesh can be seen directly. It must really hurt, right?"

"A little bit." Bai Luoyin takes a breath.

And then it's his turn to apply the skin ointment on Gu Hai. He finds that Gu Hai does not have sunburn that is as severe. His skin just turned somewhat red and numb to the touch. He cannot help but exclaim, "Your skin was so nice before. Now it's like this because of the sunlight. When can it get back to normal?"

Gu Hai eyes brighten, "My skin is nice?"

Bai Luoyin feels ashamed to say that, even though Gu Hai's hands are a little rough, the skin on his body is rather smooth. That, along with his muscles, makes his body so very nice to touch. This is one of the arousing features that occasionally turns Bai Luoyin on.

"Not bad."

Upon hearing this, Gu Hai's eyes appear surprised, "How come you've never mentionned this before?"

"Why would I mention it out of the blue?" Bai Luoyin doesn't understand.

Gu Hai feels a little cheated, "Why couldn't you have mentionned it? I always praise you -- saying that your legs are so long and straight, your butt round and plump, your small mouth seductive and sexy... And what have you praised me for? The only praise you've ever voiced is that I have a big cock on that day you got high from being fucked. And that was even after I forced you to say it."


Bai Luoyin almost wants to squeeze Gu Hai into the bed frame.

Before bed, Bai Luoyin sees that Gu Hai gets out a piece of cotton cloth. He cuts a big hole in the middle of it. After that he uses his own hands to roughly measure the size of his face. He keeps cutting the cloth to get the right size. He doesn't get it right the first time and repeats with another piece of cloth.

"What are you doing?" Bai Luoyin doesn't get it.

Without raising his head, Gu Hai says: "Making a mask."

"Mask?" Bai Luoyin looks even more puzzled, "Why are you making a mask?"

"Tomorrow I can wear this on my face when we get outside. I think my face will look better when we get back."

Bai Luoyin grabs Gu Hai's creative invention and tries it on his own face. Only the eyes can be seen. He now understands Gu Hai's idea and cannot help but admire Gu Hai's creativity.

"Do you want me to make one for you?" Gu Hai asks happily.

Bai Luoyin shakes his head blandly, "Save it for yourself. Tomorrow when you wear this outside, stay away from me and don't say we know each other."

"You can't tell the good stuff!"

Bai Luoyin laughs and says, "If I can tell good stuff from bad, how could I have picked you?"

Gu Hai jumps over, knocking over cut out fabrics and threads. Bai Luoyin kicks him away with annoyance. Gu Hai cleans up the bed first. Then he lies down on his back on the bed. Just because Mr. Bai praised that he has nice skin, he gets lost in warm and fuzzy thoughts for nearly ten minutes. He then starts to openly masturbate himself. Bai Luoyin finally kicks him again.

The lights in the room have been turned off. In one corner, however, there is a flicker of light. The whole room smells of buttery fragrance.

Gu Hai takes a look at the flicker of light and finds Bai Luoyin has a lit butter lamp on his hands. His clear eyes vibrate. The light softens the silhouette of his face which is turned to the lamp with a serious gaze. He then discovers Gu Hai is looking at him. Bai Luoyin turns his face to Gu Hai and says softly, "Look, a butter lamp!"

The smile lit by the lamp appears, in Gu Hai's eyes, so clean and so warm.

He cannot help but puts his arm on Bai Luoyin's shoulders and places his own face right next to Bai Luoyin's.

Bai Luoyin puts the butter lamp back to where it was. Just as he was falling asleep, Gu Hai suddenly puts his hand on his forehead.

"You're having a low grade fever."

"Really? I don't feel sick." Bai Luoyin says.

Gu Hai gets out of bed. Bai Luoyin asks what he is doing. Gu Hai is out the door even before he finishes the sentence. A short while later, a doctor comes and measures Bai Luoyin's body temperature. Indeed, it's a low grade fever. But it's not severe. It'll be fine after some medications.

Even though that's what the doctor said, Gu Hai is still worried. For the whole night, he can't sleep and keeps hugging and looking at Bai Luoyin, fearing something would happen to him. He has heard many reports, that getting a cold on the high plateau is a big deal and shouldn't be taken lightly. It would be really dangerous if it turns into pneumonia.

In the morning on the second day, Bai Luoyin's low grade fever is completely gone. The two of them depart for Numtso Lake.

The lake on the high plateau is God's most beautiful creation. There is no way you can feel the sublime beauty if you are not physically there. The deep blue of the lake is like a clear drop of tear at the foot of snowy mountains. The sunlight at dusk gets reflected on the lake. This seems to be the land of immortals. Standing by the lake, you can feel that you are far away from worldly troubles. All of your spirit seems to have been washed clean by the lake.

Walking on the breathtaking grassland, looking at groundhogs, wild hares, yellow gazelles...while listening to the magical sound of melting icy layers, all the suffering appears tiny and unworthy of mention in comparison.