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Book 1 Chapter 206 - Brother Gu Gets Attracted

The day after the college entrance exam, students organized spontaneously a thank-you banquet for the teachers.

During the banquet, students and teachers open their hearts to each other for the first time. Something the math teacher said really moved Bai Luoyin, "Bai Luoyin, actually I felt bad every time I saw you sleeping in my classes. Once in college, don't stay up anymore. Get some sound sleep as much as you can."

Also in this banquet, Bai Luoyin meets Luo Xiaoyu whom he has not seen for almost a year. She is still very beautiful, and, if anything, exudes even more feminine allures. She brought her daughter, who looks a lot like her. With her two big eyes sometimes looking here and sometimes there, she is so cute that everyone adores her. Many students take turns to hold her in their arms.

Bai Luoyin walks to Luo Xiaoyu with a light smile, "Teacher, at that time I said something to you that is really overboard. Please don't mind it."

"Don't mention it. No teachers would hold a grudge against their students."

Bai Luoyin takes out a square box from his pocket and gives it to Luo Xiaoyu.

"Teacher, this is for you."

Luo Xiaoyu appears having been pleasantly surprised, "For me?"

"Hmmm, it's a mirror inside. Later if you are not in a good mood, you can just look at the mirror and you won't find reasons to get mad."

Luo Xiaoyu smiles with a reddened face.

This thank-you banquet for teachers is also the farewell banquet for the students. Not only did students prepare gifts for teachers, but also for their own good friends. You Qi is among those who received the most gifts. Every time a girl comes to give him a gift, the boys demand him to drink a glass of wine. It's only half way through the dinner and You Qi seems to have too much to drink already.

Bai Luoyin comes to sit next to You Qi. While Gu Hai went to the restroom, Bai Luoyin takes out something to give to You Qi.

"I thought for a long time but still didn't know what to give to you. At the end I got for you some traditional medicine from an old doctor for chronic sinusitis. There are three treatments in total. If this doesn't work, there is a money back guarantee."

It's not clear why You Qi becomes so moved that his eyes get all red after hearing this.

"Yinzi, actually I..."

Bai Luoyin interrupts him, "It's fine. You don't need to say anything. I understand."

After saying this, he gives You Qi a tight friendly hug.

"Yinzi, I actually also prepared a gift for you but I didn't want to give it to you in front of so many eyes. I left it at the hotel front reception desk. If you want it, you can go get it there after the banquet. If not, then just throw it away. It's not something worth a lot of money."

Bai Luoyin hits You Qi's back heavily a couple of times.

"I've actually always wanted to tell you that you are the most handsome man I've seen in my life."

Gu Hai just got out of the restroom and almost trips over catching this sentence in his ears.

The banquet isn't even over yet but Gu Hai already left after an urgent phone call from his father's secretary Lieutenant Sun. The students have fun until past nine o'clock in the evening. Then one by one each of them leaves. Bai Luoyin walks to the hotel front reception desk by himself. After some explanation, the hotel receptionist hands a huge package to Bai Luoyin.

Once Bai Luoyin opens the package, his eyes get teary. You Qi has given him a comforter.

After he came out of the hotel, he gives Gu Hai a call but no one answers. He can only hail a taxi to go home.

Coming back home, he was about to open the front door using his key but finds that the door is already open. After Bai Luoyin walks in, he sees that Gu Hai is trying to find something in the closet. He is so concentrated in doing that that he hasn't notice someone has come inside.

Bai Luoyin kicks Gu Hai's buttock, "Why didn't you pick up the phone?"

Then someone turns around and stands up, and his face magically becomes cold.

"Gu Yang..." Bai Luoyin is dumbfounded.

It's not clear whether Gu Yang is angry or not. He looks at Bai Luoyin, "How do we settle this kick?"

Bai Luoyin is trying to find an excuse for himself, "Why are you wearing Gu Hai's clothes?"

Gu Yang has a cold and proud smile on his face, "My own clothes are not suitable for doing chores when I get sweaty."

Bai Luoyin's mood is not all that stable today. He also had a few drinks earlier. Once he heard what Gu Yang said, he gets all fluttered. Grabbing on Gu Yang's collar, he tries to yank the clothes off, "Take off the clothes!"

"Hehe..." Gu Yang has a devilish smile. "You get all worked up just because I get his clothes dirty? You're pretty protective!"

Bai Luoyin ignores Gu Yang's making fun of him. He just does everything he can to strip the clothes off of Gu Yang. The two soon get into a wrestling match. Gu Yang tries to yield to Bai Luoyin but Bai Luoyin is relentless. It's not clear whether Gu Yang intends it or not, he pushes Bai Luoyin onto the bed while he is vulnerable.

Bai Luoyin was still holding onto Gu Yang's collar. As a result, a large part of Gu Yang's chest is now exposed in front of Bai Luoyin's eyes.

Bai Luoyin does not think of much else, but not so with Gu Yang.

"Bai Luoyin, it's not a good habit to use your fists and feet to settle arguments. Just a moment ago you kicked my buttock and now you stripped off my shirt. How do you think you should compensate me back for both?"

In order to set himself free, Bai Luoyin angrily tries to strangle Gu Yang at his neck without success.

Gu Yang's eyes brighten, "I'm not Gu Hai. You can't kick my buttock at will."

After saying this he grabs Bai Luoyin's pants. With too much force, he ends up ripping off the pants. When the sound of ripping reaches Bai Luoyin's ears, Bai Luoyin's eyes redden and he yells, "Gu Yang, fuck off. Don't make me hate you."

"You're welcome to hate me."

Gu Yang still has a smile as if half joking. Suddenly he flips open Bai Luoyin's T-shirt and his hands touch his waist.

Bai Luoyin gets so provoked that he forcefully kicks at Gu Yang's lower abdomen.

Gu Yang displays two fingers, "This is your second kick already. You're so passionate that I feel embarrassed."

After this, he weighs his whole body on top of Bai Luoyin and his hands fix Bai Luoyin's face in place. Bai Luoyin is now nailed to the bed unable to move at all. Bai Luoyin angrily stares directly into Gu Yang's eyes while Gu Yang returns the stare with a disparaging smile.

"Bai Luoyin, I'm essentially the same as Gu Hai. It's just that he is a rough gangster while I am a mild-mannered one. Whatever Gu Hai can give you, I can also. Not only that, I can give you things that Gu Hai can't give you. You'll find out in no time that I'm better for you."

"I would rather listen to him curse than hearing your nice words."

This didn't bother Gu Yang. He still unrelentingly tries to attack Bai Luoyin's defense, "Actually I already did everything I can do that day you fainted in my bedroom. You don't have to treat me as a stranger."

Bai Luoyin doesn't give up, "You're too self absorbed. I don't have any special talent but I have an extra ear more than others. It doesn't matter if I fall asleep or faint, I can hear even a fly resting on my arms."

"If that's the case, then I'll have to do more and say less."

Then, under the gaze of Bai Luoyin's sharp and cold eyes, Gu Yang gradually lowers his lips. Bai Luoyin's body turns stiffer and stiffer while Gu Yang's blood gets hotter and hotter. When his lips touch Bai Luoyin's, he suddenly stops and his eyes turns dark.

"I'm too into good looks after all."

Bai Luoyin doesn't understand what is meant.

The next second Gu Yang forcefully drags Bai Luoyin to the bathroom and washes his hair without permission. Bai Luoyin struggles all this time and splashes water and bubbles all over Gu Yang. For the first time ever, Gu Yang yells loudly.

"Sit still."

Bai Luoyin is not sure what this jerk is going to do.

After he finished washing hair, Gu Yang drags Bai Luoyin in front of a mirror. His two hands hold the back of Bai Luoyin's head still. After looking at the mirror for a moment, he picks up a pair of scissors.

"I can't stand it. I have to give you a stylish haircut today."

Bai Luoyin feels as if his blood is flowing backward. He can't begin to describe his emotions.

"All people from your family are lunatics!"

Gu Yang smiles at the mirror, "All of my family is normal until we met you."

"Do you even know how to give a haircut?"

Gu Yang handles the pair of scissors adroitly, "If I set my mind to it, it's not a matter of whether I can do it or not, but whether I can excel at it or not."

After this, he quickly cuts off a lock of hair in front of Bai Luoyin's forehead. With this cut, there is no turning back for Bai Luoyin. If this haircut is not finished, Bai Luoyin is afraid of giving Gu Hai a nightmare.

Gu Yang wraps a towel around Bai Luoyin and gets to work.

Bai Luoyin suddenly speaks, "I gave up my slot for going to the university without college entrance exams. But still thank you."

"Why are you giving that slot to someone else?" Gu Yang asks without too much care.

"I didn't fit the criteria and shouldn't have gotten the slot in the first place. I'm confident I'll do well on the college entrance exam."

Gu Yang laughs disparagingly, "Both of you are so full of yourselves and unbending."

During this short conversation, Gu Yang is already half way through the haircut. Looking at his nimble hands, Bai Luoyin secretly wonders, how can Gu Yang have this skill? He heard that Chinese students studying abroad used to wash dishes in restaurants to make a living. Could it be that Gu Yang learned to cut hair to earn money?... While thinking about this, Bai Luoyin becomes sleepy from drinking earlier and his head suddenly drops down.

Gu Yang can only cut the hair around the neck and ears first. After that, he tenderly raises Bai Luoyin's head so that he is now lying heads up on the chair while asleep. Just as working on the hair on his forehead, he sees Bai Luoyin's sleepy face and suddenly stops.

When Gu Hai finally gets back, Bai Luoyin's haircut is all done and Gu Yang is blowing air on the hair.

Seeing the intimacy between them, blood suddenly rushes into Gu Hai's brain. He takes big steps into the room and takes away the blow dryer in Gu Yang's hands. He was about to yell angrily but holds it back reluctantly after seeing Bai Luoyin's sleepy face.

After getting out the bathroom, Gu Hai hits Gu Yang's chest heavily with his fist.

"What the fuck were you doing?"

Gu Yang turns his dark face to Gu Hai, "What was I doing? You tell me what I was doing. Gu Hai, this is not the first or the second time. Keep your mind clear! I'm your brother. I don't care if you bully others. But when it comes to me, don't even think about it. If I could give you a stab years ago, I can do it again now."

Gu Hai cools his own emotions down. Sitting down on the sofa, he lights up a cigarette and smokes with a blank expression.

After a long time, Gu Yang opens his mouth again, "Your dad spoke with you again?"


"What's the matter?"

"What else can it be?" Gu Hai darkens his face. "It's about joining the army again."

"He has spent all his career climbing up the hierarchy in the army. How can he not get anxious if there is no one to take after him there?"

Gu Hai lets out a big sigh and his face now looks a little better. "Let's not talk about this. Why are you here?"

"I'm trying to find a document. I need it for a court appearance tomorrow. This lawsuit is not looking good. You have to come along tomorrow. Even if I lose the case, at least you can look after me. See you tomorrow morning at nine o'clock in front of the courthouse."

After saying this, Gu Yang changes into his own clothes and walks out the door.