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Book 1 Chapter 207 - I Want to Be with You.

After Gu Yang is gone, Gu Hai comes back to the bedroom. Bai Luoyin is still asleep on the chair. His hair is still damp.

Gu Hai picks up the blow dryer. Being still angry, he turns it to cold air and blows directly at Bai Luoyin's head. Even though it's summer, the air conditioner is on and it doesn't feel hot at all. The cold air blowing at him immediately wakes Bai Luoyin up.

His eyes first take a glance into the mirror. The hair style is not bad. Next he finds the hair stylist next to him has changed.

"Where is your brother?" Bai Luoyin asks.

As soon as Gu Hai hears this sentence, he throws the blow dryer down on the desk abruptly and his eyes emit scary dark rays.

"You haven't had enough time with him, have you? You're disappointed that I came back too early, aren't you?"

The two consecutive unreasonable questions sharpen Bai Luoyin's emotions. He cannot understand the way Gu Hai's brain is structured and why a simple straight line, after being filtered through his brain, always make eight or so turns.

"Yep, it's even better if you don't come back at all the whole night!"

After this sentence, Bai Luoyin takes off the towel covering him. Just as he got up and was about to pass by Gu Hai, he is pulled suddenly and encircled by Gu Hai's arms. He almost falls and his head nearly hits the nightstand.

The next second, Gu Hai weighs his body on top.

"You want me to die of rage?"

"Who is making whom mad?" Bai Luoyin pulls on Gu Hai's clothes. "What did I do wrong? He cut my hair without my permission. What could I have done except to go along? Should I have slapped him on his face? He is your brother! If he wasn't your brother, I wouldn't even want to be bothered with him at all."

Their four eyes meet and both of them breathe heavily.

The standoff continues for a while and then Bai Luoyin opens his mouth, "I don't want to argue with you."

After this he tries to push away Gu Hai. The first time he was not successful but on the second attempt he is able to push him away. He then threw his clothes on the bed and goes to take a shower. Only Gu Hai lies in the bed at this moment with Bai Luoyin's clothes in front of his eyes. He buries his face in the pile of clothes, smelling Bai Luoyin's scent, and slowly calming his own emotions down.

Just as Gu Hai is about to get up and go take a shower, he finds another thing that boils his blood. That is he finds Bai Luoyin's pants have been ripped open. It was torn along the seam and the opening is long and wide. Each exposed thread along the ripped opening seems to be pulling mercilessly on Gu Hai's heart.

Gu Hai takes the pair of pants with him and walks to the bathroom door. The door does not open when he pushes it. He then kicks it open, walks to Bai Luoyin in the middle of his shower, throws the pants right on Bai Luoyin's body while showing his dark face, and then storms out.

Gu Hai goes downstairs to play basketball for a while in the basketball court. His whole body gets sweaty. The anger in him seems to have seeped out along with the sweat. He looks at the watch and finds it's already one o'clock at night. It's time to go back home to go to bed.

Walking to the front door of his home, he sees a piece of paper posted on it with a few large characters.

"Jerk, go somewhere else!"

Gu Hai raises the corner of his mouth and pushes the door open and enters.

Bai Luoyin is already on the bed. Gu Hai takes a shower and then also gets into bed. Not long after he lies down, Bai Luoyin sits up on the bed.

The tiny flame of the cigarette lighter emits a blue ray but soon dims. Clouds of smoke radiate from Bai Luoyin's mouth. Gu Hai barely opens his eyes and sees the naked back. He cannot help but extends his hand to touch it.

"Give me some explanation, what is the deal with the pants?"

Bai Luoyin swiftly says only three words, "I don't know."

Shortly after he said this, Bai Luoyin sneezes. Then again right away. Gu Hai's hands pulls on Bai Luoyin to get him back into bed. He isn't able to move him. Bai Luoyin then sneezes for a third time. Gu Hai loses all his patience and puts his arms on Bai Luoyin's neck and forcefully pushes him down into bed.

Before Bai Luoyin has got a chance to utter "go away" in his mouth, Gu Hai seals his lips with his own. In his mouth, Gu Hai aggressively and demandingly takes away his breaths, and swallows any hurtful words that may come out...then he moves to the chin, the sides and tip of the nose, eyelids, forehead, ears...until Bai Luoyin's breathing goes from chaotic to smooth and then back to chaotic again.

Gu Hai stops his movement and stares squarely at Bai Luoyin with his fierce eyes.

"Is it because you don't have any more pressure from study, we already dealt with our parents, and our life is now too nice, that you don't feel right if you don't argue with me?"

The two things Gu Hai is best at are being a jerk and complaining about something he caused.

Bai Luoyin takes a glance at Gu Hai, "First you get off from me and then I'll tell you what the deal with the pants is."

Gu Hai lies back down obediently.

Two seconds later, a terrible scream comes out of the room.

"Ouch!! ...Don't pinch. You can't pinch there. Men don't torture men like that!!!..."

Bai Luoyin stops but Gu Hai's face has turned purple.

"Gu Yang wore your clothes and hanged out at our home. I thought it was you and kicked him. But he clinged to my mistake and wouldn't let me go. We then got into an argument which later escalated into a fight. That's how the pair of pants got to become how it is now."

Gu Hai's heart tightens, "He didn't use violence on you, did he?"

"No, the stand off only lasted a few minutes and then ended."

"He must have done it intentionally..." Gu Hai mumbles. But suddenly he realizes something and keeps asking, "But how come he ended up giving you a haircut?"

Bai Luoyin gets irritated by all the questions, and says angrily, "How would I know? You should ask your ancestors this question and how the nerves develop for members of the Gu family. Everyone of you is strange!"

Gu Hai has a frozen face and does not say anything.

"I'd only explain this much. Believe it or not. It's up to you!"

After saying this, he turns his body over with his back now facing Gu Hai.

Gu Hai's arms encircle Bai Luoyin from the back and his face sticks to his neck. His tone is still forceful.

"In the future try as much as possible not to provoke him."

If there is a small porcelain jar in front of Bai Luoyin, he would really pick it up and smash it into the head of the person behind him.

"How could I have provoked him? When would I have provoked him?"

Gu Hai keeps going as if he didn't hear, "He is not as simple as we are. He is even more complicated than you can imagine."

"Whatever he wants to do, go ahead. I'm not interested to know." Bai Luoyin says coldly.

Gu Hai grabs Bai Luoyin's hand, and says quietly, "I don't want you to understand him. I just want to remind you to keep your guard against him and don't easily believe that he is on the same boat with us."

Bai Luoyin suddenly remembers something and sneers coldly.

"But someone said, that one of you is a rough low class gangster, and the other is a mild mannered one. The essence is the same, but just different outward appearance."

"WTF the same!" Gu Hai gnaws his teeth, "He was just thinking too highly of himself! Our essences could not be more different! I say harsh words but I'm kind in heart. He says harsh words and he is cruel in heart. Do you still remember the story about the kite I told you? You can see how different we are in essence from such a small occurrence."

It's fine if Gu Hai didn't mention this story. Once he hears it, Bai Luoyin wants to laugh again. He didn't see in it Gu Yang's dark side. All he sees is Gu Hai being stupid."

"I'm telling you to stop laughing. What I said is serious!" Gu Hai holds Bai Luoyin's face upright.

Bai Luoyin tries to control his laugh, "Okay, I understand."

Gu Hai stares at Bai Luoyin's face for a while. He sees unusual flickers in his eyes, and the corner of his mouth trembling due to forcing himself to stop laughing. Feeling embarrassed, he bites his teeth and pounces over, "Still laughing? Still laughing? I'll make you laugh. I'll make you laugh..."


The next morning at seven o'clock, Gu Hai is waken up by Gu Yang's call.

"Got up from bed yet?'

Gu Hai yawns, "How come I have to get up so early? Isn't your court hearing scheduled at nine o'clock?"

"Are you treating this like going to school? And you can just show up in class when the bell rings!!"

Gu Hai massages his own eyes, and says impatiently: "Okay I got it. Getting up now."

But then he lies back into the bed and sees Bai Luoyin's half waken eyes with an expression like that of a small innocent mouse. He then plays with him for a while until Bai Luoyin is fully awake.

"I'm going out shortly. My brother has a court hearing that I have to attend. After washing myself, I'll make you some rice porridge. It'll be ready when you get out of bed."

"Don't." Bai Luoyin stretches his body, "I'm heading out also."

"What are you doing going out?" Gu Hai asks while putting on his clothes.

Bai Luoyin sits up, "Didn't I tell you I gave up the slot to go to college without taking exams? There is this teacher who helped me get the slot. Now that I've decided not to take advantage of it, I didn't even consult him first. I feel I owe him an explanation."

Gu Hai nods his head, "Have you contacted the teacher?"

"Your brother contacted him for me."

Gu Hai's face changes colors but he doesn't say more.

After both of them finished washing, they come into the bedroom to change their clothes together. Bai Luoyin says to Gu Hai: "You go first. I'm not in a hurry."

"Let's go together!" Gu Hai says.

"We're not going in the same direction."

"I'll drop you off first and then go find my brother."

"Why make it so difficult? It's much more convenient if we each drive our own car! Moreover, didn't your brother already call to ask you to hurry up? Go right ahead. I'll just drive my own car later!"

Gu Hai still insists, "I just want to drive you there myself, or I'd worry."

Bai Luoyin can't talk Gu Hai out of it. He can only hurry up and get out of the door with him.

Just when he drives the car out of the subdivision, Gu Hai receives Gu Yang's call.

"Where are you now?" Gu Yang asks.

Gu Hai's tone betrays his annoyance, "Just got out of the subdivision."

"About what time can you get here?"

"It's hard to say." Gu Hai slowly speeds up, "I have to take Yinzi somewhere and then I'll go to you."

After a terrible period of silence, Gu Yang's cold voice gets transmitted here.

"You got on his car?"

Gu Hai is about to reply yep when a car suddenly comes near fast. He steps on the brake in a hurry but it doesn't work. He quickly steers and makes a fast hard turn in order to avoid a collision.

"Can't talk right now."

Gu Hai hangs up the call in a hurry. He turns his head to the side and finds Bai Luoyin has the expression of being scared out of his wits. He then extends his hand to pat on his hair and says tenderly to comfort him, "Got scared just now?"

Bai Luoyin takes a deep breath and timidly says, "In the future, try to avoid answering or making calls while driving."

Gu Hai turns his head to the front while smiling. The car is getting on a wide road. He steps on the brake, but the car does not respond. He steps on the brake again. There is still no response. Gu Hai's smile all of a sudden becomes frozen on his face.