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Book One - Throbbing Youthful Time

Chapter 208 - The Finale to the Grand Drama of Youth!


The car takes a sharp turn and speeds along the street. Bai Luoyin's heart races again. He turns his head to look at Gu Hai: "What's wrong with you today?" 

Gu Hai smiles mechanically, "Not completely awake yet."

Seeing that the street is straight ahead and has fewer vehicles, Gu Hai temporarily takes a brief sigh of relief. Brake failure is not the end of the world. He can decelerate by shifting gears. He glances at Bai Luoyin from the corner of his eyes and finds Bai Luoyin watching him with restlessness in his eyes. 

"Gu Hai, I don't know why but I'm really nervous."

Gu Hai suddenly relaxes his tense facial muscles, and deliberately slows down his talk. 

"Everything is all right. It's just that you were frightened a moment ago. You'll be fine once I tell you a joke." 

"Go ahead." Bai Luoyin says blandly.

Gu Hai smiles relaxedly, "First you close your eyes."

"Why do I need to close my eyes?"

"The joke has to be heard with eyes closed."

Bai Luoyin doesn't know what kind of trick Gu Hai is playing, but out of curiosity he still closes his eyes. He thinks to himself that he may as well just play along. At most, he would just deal with an ambush. 

"Once upon a time, there was a village with a persistent high fertility rate......" 

Gu Hai shifts into the second gear while speaking, then lifts the clutch and loosens the throttle, The car speed instantly drops down. 

Bai Luoyin was about to open his eyes when Gu Hai speaks again, "One day the town cadres went to the village, intending to popularize contraception knowledge. He took out a box of condoms, and taught them how to use ......" 

Bai Luoyin hears Gu Hai continues to speak, and so figures there is no need to open his eyes and that Gu Hai was just applying the brake because of a car in front. 

Gu Hai takes this opportunity to shift into the first gear, begins to slowly pull the handbrake, carefully tighten, loosen ...... 

"Two years later, the cadres went back to the village to inspect, and found the village still had high fertility." 

Just when the car is about to come to a stop, suddenly there appears a logistics delivery truck that comes so near to almost scratch the front of the car they're in.  

"Do you know why?" Cold sweat is dripping down Gu Hai's forehead.

Bai Luoyin shakes his head, "Why?"

"A man told one of the cadres: I listened to you wearing it everyday, but I can not pee while wearing it, so I cut a hole in the front end." 

Bai Luoyin bursts out laughing.

At the same time, someone is crossing the road and the truck in front suddenly brakes. There is no time for Gu Hai to turn the steering wheel. 

"What is the difference whether one closes his eyes or not when listening to this joke?" 

Bai Luoyin is just about to open his eyes when suddenly he feels a powerful force comes toward him. He then feels sky and earth move, his head dizzy, eardrums buzzing, then a heavy object weighs on his body, and he is unable to breathe properly. When he opens his eyes, all he sees is Gu Hai's face, along with dripping blood, magnified clearly in his field of vision. 

Bai Luoyin's face turns pale right away, while holding Gu Hai's face in his hands and giving him a shout. Gu Hai does not respond. 

Bai Luoyin moves his gaze away from Gu Hai's face to encounter a horrifying sight that makes his heart stop. 

Two cars have rear-ended, the front seriously distorted, a steel plate pierced into Gu Hai's back, windshield shattered, Gu Hai's shoulders and head sustained many scratches. But nothing happened to himself, only the back of his hand got a small scratch. Although the driver's seat was bent out of shape, it is nowhere near the degree of damage compared to the passenger side. If Gu Hai did not come to shield the passenger side at the last minute, he would not have suffered such heavy injuries. 

Because it is a public agency's vehicle, and also this is in a busy area, the driver in front does not dare to avoid responsibility, and quickly gets off to view the car in the rear, and wastes no time to call 120. 

Worried that the car will explode, the driver rushes to rescue Bai Luoyin, When he and Bai Luoyin try to pull Gu Hai out, they find Gu Hai's body is blocked by steel plates. The driver immediately goes to the trunk to get tools. As soon as he comes back, he is stunned by what he sees. 

Bai Luoyin has used his bare hands to bend the steel plates that are blocking Gu Hai. His fingers are now all covered with blood. Two of his fingernails are broken. In a rush to get Gu Hai out of the wreckage as soon as possible in order to rescue him, Bai Luoyin cannot help but ignore the pain. 

Roads are blocked. Bai Luoyin sits in the middle of the road holding Gu Hai while waiting for ambulance. Gu Hai's back is still bleeding heavily. Bai Luoyin's hand that is pressing on the wound to stop the blood is now all red. Blood flows along his fingers and drips onto his pants, Bai Luoyin feels so much pain as if his heart has been torn into pieces. 

"Gu Hai, Gu Hai ......"

Bai Luoyin's voice gets hoarse from shouting, but Gu Hai shows no reaction at all. 

The driver carefully reminds him, "You should put him flat on the ground. Holding him like this is dangerous." 

It appears Bai Luoyin does not hear it. He keeps holding Gu Hai tightly in his arms, not letting anyone to come closer. 

There has never been a moment like this with so much fear and helplessness. When he looks around there are only unfamiliar faces everywhere. Who can help us? Who can wake him up? Who can stop the bleeding? Who can stop the passage of time, so hope can stay as long as possible ...... 

"The hospital just called. It is the peak of the morning rush hour. The ambulances is stuck on the road." 

It is as if Bai Luoyin has been struck by a lightning as he looks down at Gu Hai, and his heart has been cut into pieces. 

"From which direction is the ambulance coming over?"

"East ...... Eh? What are you going to do?"

Bai Luoyin ignores the driver's question along with the crowd's screams. Along the east-west direction road, cars are stuck in a long queue. He simply carries Gu Hai on his back and runs along the right side of cars that stop and go. Blood and tears scatter all over while he runs. 

Gu Hai, you must not give up! We had starved so many days to get here, and we had come through even when our families deserted us. We had endured pains whether bearable or unbearable. You open your eyes and see, we are only one step away from happiness, ah! 

Big Hai, Big Hai ...... do you hear me calling you? Just answer me once, just answer me once! We just bought a sports utility vehicle a few days ago, and there are so many places we haven't visited. Since we no longer have to travel in fear, we will never miss any nice scenery. 

Gu Hai's head rests on Bai Luoyin's shoulder. While running, frequently his face rubs against Bai Luoyin's cheek. The temperature along with his respiratory rate slowly decrease. Bai Luoyin's tears come out in abandon. His already tired legs still try to speed up. 

Gu Hai, your body temperature cannot go down. If your hands and feet turn cold, what should I do? 

It's not until Bai Luoyin's legs have lost all sensation, when a few medics rush forward and take Gu Hai off of his back to lift him into the ambulance. 

Bai Luoyin collapses at the ambulance's door, looking pale, large drops of perspiration rolled down his face. Listening to the doctors' hurried footsteps and sounds of frequently moving devices, Bai Luoyin's body trembles uncontrollably ...... 

At this moment, he suddenly realizes that, in his mind, Gu Hai has always had the strong body of an immortal. All of his courage and fearlessness are built on this foundation. He dares to talk nonsense in front of Gu Hai, not because he was not afraid of Gu Hai's death, but because he thought Gu Hai would never die at all. 

More than that, in Bai Luoyin's consciousness, Gu Hai does not get sick either. He is always so healthy, never needs to be carefully tended to. He is always the one to take care of me. He runs around to care for me when I'm sick. He is always the one to warm my hands and feet at night. He is learning to cook, wash clothes, buy breakfast ...... 

He seems to have endless energy, as if he never stays up late at night with me, as if the time he has available is always N hours more than what I have...... 

So, when Gu Hai falls in his arms and is not able to be waken up, this kind of belief has all been shattered in Bai Luoyin's mind. 

He is not a god after all, and he can be injured, he can be weakened, and he can fall unconscious and never to wake up again. 

I have such a fear of his death, so much so that I will not hesitate to give up anything I have in exchange for his life, as long as he can survive. 

There is still no slightest improvement to the traffic jam and all health care workers become helpless when a helicopter appears in the crowd to pull Gu Hai's thread-hanging life back from the hands of death. 

Emergency room lights continue to be on. Bai Luoyin has been drained of tears completely. When Gu Yang arrives at the hospital, in front of him stands a shriveled person with no signs of life. 

After an unknown number of hours, a doctor walks out, "He is temporarily out of danger and has been transferred to the intensive care unit." 

Bai Luoyin moves his lips but no words come out.

When he turns around, Gu Yang is standing behind him.

"You had planned to kill me instead, didn't you?"

Gu Yang's voice is neither fast nor slow. In the quiet hallway, it sounds so heavy. 

"You are too dangerous. If you stay around Gu Hai, you will destroy him for sure." 

"You keep impressing me with your affection. Is your purpose so that I wouldn't have any suspicion on you? Or ...... you had made up your mind to get rid of me, but out the conscience, you want to compensate me in advance?" 

Gu Yang does not give any answer.

After a long time, Bai Luoyin says: "Thank you for giving me such a stylish haircut before sending me on the road to hell." 

Dark currents flow in Gu Yang's eyes.

When Bai Luoyin passes by Gu Yang, his legs stop involuntarily. 

"If Gu Hai comes back alive and asks about me, just say I died."

Gu Yang's heart suddenly shivers. Before he could turn around and open his mouth to speak, Bai Luoyin's figure has disappeared at the end of the hallway. 

The affection I gave you is all true, but I'm sorry that was my most beloved younger brother. 


Bai Luoyin goes to the market for the first time. He buys some vegetables and meat to take home to cook for the first time. He keeps himself busy cooking for the whole evening. When the last dish gets ready to be served on the table the first dish has already become cold. 

Bai Luoyin stands by the dining table and stares quietly for a minute, then takes his stuff and leaves this place for good. 

Late at night, Bai Luoyin stands on a large bridge, and shouts with all his might: "Gu Hai, I love you!!! Gu Hai, I love you!!! Gu Hai, I love you!!! ......" Over and over again, until he drops down on his knees on the cold stone surface while crying. 

Gu Hai, I was actually a timid person, I was afraid of loneliness, afraid of distant travel, afraid of hurting my family ......But because I met you, I became strong. 

So, you have to go on living well for me!

*** End of Book One ***