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Chapter 7 - A boy that wears low-crotch pants and sandals!

It's close to noon time when Bai Luoyin is awakened by the ringing of the phone.

Yang Meng's magnetic voice is being transmitted from the other end of the phone call.

"Hey buddy, still in bed? Today the school starts. You have been assigned to Class 27. Come right away and sign in. I guarantee there is a big surprise for you."

Bai Luoyin sits up on the bed. While the fact that he was woken up still irks him, what bothers him even more is that the school starts so soon. Others have already settled down in the classroom, but he is still leisurely putting on his clothes at home.

On his way to the school, Bai Luoyin's foot bumps into something. Looking down, he finds out that he forgot to change into his shoes and still has his sandals on.

Forget it. Having walked all this way, he figures it doesn't make sense to go back home.

High School 11th Grade Class 27, here it is.  Bai Luoyin opens the classroom door and walks in.

It is a natural law that the last student to walk into the classroom  always receives the most amount of attention. Bai Luoyin is no exception. But he looks like nothing unusual has happened. Without trying to offer any explanation for being late, he strolls in a relaxed manner to a desk in the last row, pulls out the chair and takes his seat. His facial expression is as calm as it can possibly be.

Because of this, booing starts to sound all over the classroom.

Bai Luoyin doesn't understand the reason for the boos.

The boy that sits next to him answers his puzzle.

"You just missed your excellent chance."

Bai Luoyin doesn't seem impressed. "My chance for what?"

"You take a look in front."

Bai Luoyin raised his eyes and fixed his gaze for a moment on the face of the lead teacher for the class. This is a celebrated teacher in the school. Because of her beauty, she has always served as the school's representative each time such role was called for. Every boy in the school longs to become her student.

"If I were you, I would absolutely take the opportunity of offering her an apology for being late to try to get close to her."

"You can just break your desk, and she herself will come to you without asking."

The boy has a silly smile on his face. "You know I don't dare do that."

Bai Luoyin just realizes what Yang Meng meant by a surprise. It was this teacher. Frankly, Bai Luoyin takes no interest at all on such mature beauties, especially one that so much resembles his own mother.

When placing things in order on his desk, he drops a pen on the floor.  Bai Luoyin lowers his body to pick up the pen and unexpectedly notices the boy that sits in front of him is also wearing a pair of sandals. Not only that, he is wearing a pair of low-crotch pants. His style is as fashionable as it possibly can get.

"Hi students."

The moment her sexy lips open to speak, the classroom gets so quiet that a pin drop can be heard. Remarkably the male animals in this class all simultaneously withhold their breaths just so as to not make any noise.

"I am the lead teacher of the class. My name is Luo Xiaoyu. This is my mobile phone number." She then turns around to write it on the blackboard. "I never gave it out publicly to my past classes. You guys should feel honored."

Thunderous claps sound in the class.

Only two persons didn't jot down the mobile phone number. One of them is Bai Luoyin.  Actually, he is smart not to do it because it will become clear that no one can ever get through after dialing that number. But of course let's just save this for later.

The students now take turns to introduce themselves in front of the class.

When it comes to the turn of the boy that wears sandals and low-crotch pants, Bai Luoyin pays some special attention.

"I'm from the city of Tianjin. 'You Qi' (special) is my name."

Bai Luoyin is still expecting him to say something more, but the boy has already started walking back to his desk with his handsome air. Bai Luoyin gets lost a little and talks by himself, "Your name is special?  What's wrong with your name? You're coming back without telling everyone your name?"

Then, Bai Luoyin lifts his face and sees two characters written in a corner of the blackboard - "You Qi".

So, his name is "You Qi".

Bai Luoyin almost collapses. Luckily no one heard his mumbling.