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Book 2 Chapter 106 Hand in Hand Accompany Each Other to Life's End

At seven o'clock in the evening, the wedding's invited guests start to enter the venue. This is a crystal ball room that is close to two thousand square meters large, with a high ceiling that is more than ten meters tall. It can fit more than one thousand people. In addition to large contingents of bride's maids and groom's best men and the couple's friends and relatives, there are society people who came without having been invited. Most of them are Gu Hai's business partners. Also there are representatives from organizations that received donation of lamps a while ago to extend their gratitude and well wishes.

The setting for the wedding is very well decorated. The stage is at the center of the hall. Guests' tables radiate from the center stage all around, symbolizing circles of happiness.

Yang Meng already came in the afternoon. He and two other workers sitting next to him have been assigned the task of accounting for the receipt of red envelopes. The task gets busier and busier as more and more guests arrive. Yang Meng counts the cash while the people next to him record the numbers. Because there is so much cash, there are a row of safes nearby. Whenever a safe gets full, it gets transported away under the guard of soldiers and replaced with another empty safe.

"Zhang Xiaomei, 1,688 yuan."

"Su Huei, 2,888 yuan."

"Zhang Cheng, 18,888 yuan."

From the start to this moment, Yang Meng has already handled numerous red envelops. The small ones have thousands while the large ones could be hundreds of thousands. Even a small worker in the company does not feel comfortable giving less than several thousands on this occasion. Yang Meng could barely give that much even with the savings under his mattress. He feels ashamed toward his old classmates and so volunteered to help here.

Lan Yajing and Tong Che come together. When Yang Meng sees Tong Che, he jokes with a smile.

"Sister, you're here?"

"If I knew you're the cashier, I'd have brought all one yuan bills."

He then hands a bank card to Yang Meng. "Charge 131,400."

"Sister, you're very generous. You're the one giving the most so far."

It's Lan Yajing's turn. She also takes out a bank card, "Charge 131,401."

Tong Che makes a face to Lan Yajing.

In no time, You Qi makes his high profile appearance in the presence of his bodyguards. Yang Meng is still busy counting cash from a red envelope and is not aware of You Qi's arrival until he hears, "521,521."

Yang Meng does not even lift his face, "Aren't you afraid your bank account number would be stolen?"

"That's the amount of cash gift."

Hearing the shocking number and the familiar voice, Yang Meng raises his head to see You Qi's handsome face in front.

You bastard...Yang Meng says to himself. By giving so much, you mean to embarrass me?

"You really were his old sweetheart. It's so nice of you." While commending him, he punches an extra zero at the end of the number on the card reader and gives it to You Qi.

You Qi smiles lightly and says, "for a red envelop at a wedding, it's bad luck to swipe cards. I've brought cash instead."

Yang Meng's face instantly changes as if coming under a dark cloud.

"Please help me count the bills."

Yang Meng finds four helpers to count the bills with him. When he finishes, he sees someone walking into the venue without stopping by at the gift register. Yang Meng chases after the person right away.

"May I ask if you've brought any money gifts? "

As soon as Zhou Lingyun opens his mouth to speak, Yang Meng feels the power in his voice.


Yang Meng instantly replies,"If not, you're not allowed to join the banquet."

Zhou Lingyun hasn't said anything back, but Liu Chong already runs here from not far away. He salutes Zhou first and then pulls Yang Meng aside and says: "This is a commander in the military and he is Lieutenant Bai's boss. "

"Even the boss has to give something. " Yang Meng just dislikes anyone who doesn't bring gift money.

Liu Chong again says: "He did bring gifts, just not money. He gifted solute cannons and fireworks that are worth at least one hundred thousand yuan."

Yang Meng now remembers all of a sudden the solute cannon barrels he saw this afternoon. The barrels are so wide that he himself can be stuffed inside.

Zhou Lingyun walks toward Yang Meng, "Need me to count the gifts with you?"

"No... no need. "

Yang Meng quickly dives into a pile of money nearby.

It's eight o'clock in the evening. There are no empty seats in the banquet hall. The wedding now officially starts.

The lights are now turned down and the music band plays uplifting music. A panel of laser lights beam the whole venue. A full one minute of laser light show follows. It's both breathtaking and bewildering. Right after this, two handsome smiling faces appear on the giant high definition screen. Passionate clapping instantly sounds from the guest tables.

The music turns soft and lights become even more fascinating. The giant screen is now showing a documentary of the two's romance.

From meeting each other to knowing each other to separation and near death experience and from reunion to torturing each other to falling in love yet again, even though the documentary is only twenty minutes long, everyone can feel the deep and steadfast love between the two.

The ending music of the documentary can now be heard. Lights are now turned full on. The handsome wedding host appears on the center stage.

Again cloud clapping sounds from the guest tables.

"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Mr. Bai Luoyin and Mr. Gu Hai's wedding. Today, 1,314 of us come together here to witness the life long love affair between them." After finishing the sentence, he boos in his mind.

"Now, let's bring out our two grooms on stage."

Gu Yang takes a couple of steps to the side. The center of the stage starts to gradually rise. A beautiful car come into guests' view. Right then, while catching everyone by surprise, the car explodes. Screams can be heard from the guest tables.

However, as the shrapnel pieces rain down from the ceiling, they turn into shiny candies and fall into guests' hands.

Two grooms now gloriously take the stage.

Gu Yang almost goes to slap them in the face. Why didn't you tell me about this segment being designed like this? Gu Yang's mouth is full of powder debris and his hair style is all ruined by the explosion.

Gu Hai grabs the microphone from Gu Yang and speaks in a clear loud voice: "The segment just now is called karma rebirth. Even though we experienced the car accident, it also brought us rebirth. Here I want to express my gratitude to my cousin, Mr. Gu Yang. Gees, brother, how can you be so moved into this sorry shape?"

Gu Yang looks at Gu Hai sideways. You must have done this intentionally to embarrass me!

The wedding continues.

"Everyone, look at the groom on my left. Don't judge people by looks. He looks so ugly and despicable. What he has done in the past is even worse than his look. You can say he has got many 'good points' on him, cunning of a businessman, evil of a gangster, stupidity of a fool, and pettiness of an average Joe. His passion in life is to be a cuckold, always fantasizing his wife is a slut..."

"Let's now turn to the groom on my right. This person is the elite of swindlers. He always uses his innocent eyes to cover his stubborn mind. He is also an unofficial award winning actor among the average people. He likes to play the roles of a good natured citizen, an inspiring soldier, a serious leader,... His passion in life is to brain-wash people. No matter how strong your will is, he will make you bend over backward."

A lot of chuckles sound from the guest tables. Everyone thinks Gu Yang is so humorous and skilled in speaking to a large audience in such a special event. In actuality, he is just speaking what he thinks in his mind.

"Next, let's welcome the witness of this wedding ceremony to say a few words."

The lime light beams on Zhou Lingyun's face. He exchanges a glance with Gu Yang and then starts his business.

"Mr. Gu Hai, are you willing to cook for him for your life, do laundry for your life, warm the bed for your life, from time to time be beat up and kicked at, apologize even when you have been wronged, be generous even if you have been cheated, constantly be inundated by jealousy and showered by anger directed at you?"

Gu Hai responds without even thinking:"Yes, I am."

Bai Hanqi seated at the family table slightly moves the corner of his mouth.

"Mr. Bai Luoyin, are you willing to have Mr. Gu Hai neat-picking on you and controlling everything in your life, to suffer the consequences when he feels jealous or when he acts like a jerk, and to become stupid with him when you two get drunk or otherwise become emotional?"

Bai Luoyin hesitates for a few seconds and lightly smiles after Gu Hai sends him a nervous glance.

"I'm willing."

Gu Weiting has an imperceptible smile on his face.

Zhou Lingyun sweeps his view toward the faces of the four parents and across the one thousand plus guests, and then announces loudly.

"From now on, Mr. Bai Luoyin and Mr. Gu Hai become husband and wife. Let's accept the two men in true love with our utmost tolerance. Let them grow old loving each other accompanied by our sincere blessings."

After these words, the whole venue is filled with clapping and cheering sounds.

The two mothers' eyes become teary.

"Next, the newly weds will serve each of their parents a cup of tea, thanking them for the hard work of raising them for twenty some years, and for their boundless understanding, acceptance and selfless love."

Bai Luoyin and Gu Hai walk off stage toward their parents.

Gu Yang gives Zhou Lingyun an evil look,"You trashed my words like fart?"

"I changed my mind at the last minute."

"If you changed your mind, why didn't you tell me earlier? If you changed your mind, why did you give me that glance?"

Zhou Lingyun has a matter-of-fact expression, "My glance was to notify you that I had changed my mind.

Gu Yang,"... Zhou Lingyun, I'm not going to let you go with this!"

After the newly weds serve tea to their parents with deference and happily receive red envelops, they return to the stage.

"Please share with us what you each think is the most beautiful part of the other's body. "

Gu Hai picks up the microphone. While Bai Luoyin feels unease, he suddenly hears Gu Hai saying only one word.


Bai Luoyin lowers his face to look at his hands that are covered with scars, and his heart is filled with emotions.

He picks up the microphone and speaks loudly, "Everything."

Clapping and warmth permeate the whole space of the banquet hall.

"Next, please say your declaration of love. Each of you say a sentence that you most want to tell the other."

Gu Hai's head is full of ideas but he cannot pick just one sentence that can adequately convey all of his feelings.

After a long while, it is Bai Luoyin that opens his mouth to speak first.

"I love you."

As soon as this utterance comes out, the whole banquet hall boils over.

Gu Hai suddenly turns away from Bai Luoyin and covers his own face with his hand...

Gu Yang reminds him, "It's your turn."

Gu Hai didn't make a sound.

Gu Yang walks near him and sees a drop of tear slides down through his fingers.

At this moment, Gu Yang does not know what he himself is feeling in his heart.

He steps on Gu Hai's foot and scolds him, "Look at how laughable you are. Hurry up. People are waiting for you."

Gu Hai wipes his face with his hand, turns around, and smiles happily.

"I love you."

"Kiss, kiss, kiss... "

In the middle of loud cheering, their lips touch each other's, and all their fingers lock into each other's.

From then on they walk with each other hand in hand for the rest of their lives.

***After thinking for a long time, I feel this is the best place to end the novel. If any of you dear readers want to read the part about the playful first night of the newly weds, you can go to the extra two chapters that follow. This is the finale. Dear lurking readers please come out and say something! ***