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Book 2 Chapter 96 - You Are My Child

His hands falling off the chair, Gu Hai woke up from a nightmare. His heart still beating hard. It's now three o'clock in the afternoon. He had actually fallen asleep in the office.

In the nightmare, Gu Hai dreamed that Bai Luoyin was eaten by a wolf. As he chased behind with all his might, he could only watch as the wolf teared Bai Luoyin's flesh into numerous pieces. As the wolf finished eating a piece of flesh, it would throw a bone at Gu Hai. At the moment he woke up, there was only Bai Luoyin's head left in the wolf's mouth. Right then Gu Hai suddenly opened his eyes.

After trying for ten minutes, Gu Hai was still unable to escape the terrifying feelings.

How could I have had a dream like this? Gu Hai massages the back of his own head.

Nothing would happen to Bai Luoyin. I just worry too much. Gu Hai kept comforting himself. After he got tired of playing around, he will come back. For sure he knows I'm waiting for him at home.

"Ding doing... " The door bell rang.

Gu Hai lowered his voice and said: "Please come on in."

Tong Che pushed the door open, and saw Gu Hai leaning his back on his office chair, and his face didn't look very well.

"Last night the lamps you urgently ordered finished production. Is there anything more we need to manufacture? Just tell me all at once so that I don't have to come bothering you one at a time. "

Finally, this time Gu Hai shaked his head, "No more."

Tong Che let out a sigh of relief, and said with a smile: "It's not easy but at least it comes to a stop. So now what? What should we make next? If you can put them to use in your wedding, I think we should try to make them in our company. After all there are so many capable people here, let the girls have a chance to show off their talents."

"No hurry. "

Gu Hai stoond up from the chair and walked over to the drinking fountain for a cup of water while tring to calm his emotions.

"I myself planned an outdoor lighting product exhibit show. The actual location for the exhibit has been chosen. Your task now is to transport all the lighting equipment we recently manufactured to this location. Let's start this evening. "

Tong Che is dumbfounded by Gu Hai's jumpy way of thinking. Isn't the batch of lighting equipment for the wedding? Why would there need to be an exhibit show? Wouldn't this many high powered lighting equipments light up the sky of the whole city of Beijing?

Gu Hai lightly quipped, "Have you got any problems?"

Tong Che looks at Gu Hai's unshaven face and is not able to argue with him.

After coming out of Gu Hai's office, Tong Che starts to prepare for his assignment in earnest. He finds N hauling trucks to transport the high voltage large lamps and colorful eye-catching lights to the space Gu Hai rented. At first Tong Che was worried that such many lamps would not fit into the space, but upon arrival he sees a plot of land so large that one can't even see the boundary.

How much rent this would have cost!

Just as he was thinking, he suddenly hears a sigh nearby, "How much electricity cost this would need!"

Turning his head, he finds Lan Yajing standing next to him with her eyes appearing fixated and her face numb. She has also been dumbfounded by Gu Hai.

"How come you're here?" Tong Che asks.

Lan Yajing lets out a long breath. "Is it just me? There are now hundreds of workers all assigned by Gu Hai to this location. He said that these few days there is no need to take care of normal business and to temporarily suspend all business communication and contact. All minds are to work on this exhibit. I don't have any idea what kind of return this will bring to our company! Even though the smart lighting equipment that we manufacture has received great reviews, other companies also make the same quality products. He spent so much for promotion, but at the end how much will the sales be? I think there won't be enough to just cover the promotion expenses."

"Sales?" Tong Che laughs. "Do you think he produced these things to sell?"

Lan Yajing's eyes open even wider, "Not for sale? Not for sale and still holding the exhibit? Does he want to burn money?"

"Didn't I already tell you? He is getting married. These things are for decorating the wedding venue." Tong Che says without much emotion.

Lan Yajing's face turns grayish white. Her lips tremor for a while and she asks again: "... Is it true?" Tong Che's fingers hit Lan Yajing's clear forehead lightly, and advises her with good intention: "Give up already!"

Lan Yajing grabs Tong Che's sleeve and asks unrelentingly: "Who is he going to marry? Don't tell me it's you. I'm not going to believe it if you say that. Even if Gu Hai's brain gets seriously damaged, it's not possible for him to marry a man, and moreover to do it so openly."

Tong Che squeezes Lan Yajing's chin, and smiles seductively.

"You'll know when the time comes."

It's not even dawn yet in the morning. Bai Luoyin arrives at the front gate of the great Tibetan Buddhist temple. There are already many pilgrims at the temple. Some of them got there last night, reciting the scriptures and praying while facing the temple's surrounding walls. The stone's surface in front of the temple has become smooth after having been touched by numerous pilgrims over the years and appears to emit faint blue light under the morning sun.

"I should pray a bit too."

"They are praying for their afterlife. What are you praying for?"

"I don't need an afterlife. I only hope for keeping you company this life."

"I represent the Buddha to safeguard you to your afterlife."


The scene from the time they were here together many years ago surfaces in his mind. At that time, when he saw the pilgrims praying in prostration, he was just a curious spectator. He could not understand how they can believe in such an intangible thing. He even thought it's stupidity and only people with an empty mind come here to seek a safe harbor.

But today, he has become one of them.

I really don't wish for an afterlife, but only hope to keep you company for this life.

The unceasing flows of pilgrims come in all directions. Bai Luoyin is in the middle of this group, repeatedly standing up, raising hands, then lying face down on the ground... On the long path, for an unknown number of times he hits his forehead on the ground and chanting his deepest hopes, time and time again, until the path ahead appears blurred and only the long shadow of the Buddha remains.

The night falls. The lighting exhibit opens officially and continues until two o'clock at night. Almost no one is inside but the place is still lit up brilliantly.

"Can we turn off some of the lights?" Lan Yajing asks.

Gu Hai replies without even thinking, "Keep all the lights on."

Lan Yajing forces these words from her mouth,"Several million yuan worth of electricity...."

Gu Hai remained indifferent.

At this moment, Lan Yajing feels hopeless. Is it really true that these lighting equipment is not for sale and is for some other purpose as Tong Che said?

If that's the case, what is the reason to have them turned on right now?

While she was thinking in her mind, Gu Hai suddenly takes big steps to walk toward a lamp and yells angrily: "Who put this here?"

The people around him get scared of the angry yelling.

Tong Che hears the noise and runs near. "What happened?"

"Isn't this supposed to be an aviation light here? Who put a long distance light here?" Gu Hai's face becomes blue.

The worker responsible for the decoration of of the exhibit walks over and carefully explains, "The aviation light broke down and was removed. There was no replacement available from the truck, and so I substituted it with another kind of lamp."

"Did I say you can substitute with other kinds of light?" Gu Hai yells again, "Right away go get a new one from the warehouse!"

The worker is hesitating and a manager nearby intervenes and says:" President Gu, it's so late now no people are here to see it. There is no need to get it at this moment, is it? It's quite troublesome."

"Go do it if I say so, and finish changing it within twenty minutes! "

Gu Hai gives a forceful order and no one dares to disobey.

Even though it's bright as day time here, the atmosphere around is dark and depressing.

After being silent for a while, Tong Che finally opens his mouth to say:" Your intention is to light up the homebound route, isn't it? "

Other than this, Tong Che cannot think of other purposes for the lights. Based on the map he has, the lights are not placed in a regular shape. Though the lights are bright and eye-catching, this does not appear to be something of a work of art. Therefore, Tong Che naturally arrives at the conclusion that the reason Gu Hai forced the worker to get the lamp was just because on his mind a mere dark lamp would make Bai Luoyin miss the brightness here.

Even if that's the case, Tong Che cannot help but to remind him, "Doing this is a bit wasteful financially, right? What if he doesn't get back until many days later, or he comes back in the broad daylight? Then, million yuan worth of electricity would have been spent in vain."

There has to be a limit for the aim of touching the other side's heart.

But in Gu Hai's mind, there is no limit for loving Bai Luoyin.

Nine years ago, he could do anything ridiculous for Bai Luoyin. Nine years later, he still can.

"The cost doesn't come out of the company's books. I'll foot the electricity bill personally myself. Keep the lights on. Even if he comes back ten days later, keep the lights on for ten days!"

"Then... when he comes back, what do we do with these lights?" Tong Che keeps asking.

Gu Hai's sharp eyes slightly narrow, "If I really can catch him here, these lights can then all be donated until none is left."

Even though Tong Che does not appreciate this kind of sacrifice for the sake of love, now that he sees Gu Hai's determination he still cannot help but admire him.

Bai Luoyin's helicopter has a small technical difficulty, and has to make an emergency landing. After the repair gets completed, the weather becomes foggy and he still cannot fly out. He has to wait for one day. In the afternoon on the second day, the fog is gone and Bai Luoyin starts to fly back toward home.

By the time Bai Luoyin reaches Beijing's sky, it is after ten o'clock in the evening and it's the fourth day for Haiyin Corporation's lighting exhibit. For three consecutive days, this place is bright as day time all throughout the night.

Bai Luoyin's helicopter is searching in the sky for a place to land. Aviation at night depends on the directional lights at the airport to tell the route. When flying at a low altitude, it is especially crucial to watch out for the lights on top of buildings to avoid colliding into high rises.

Just as Bai Luoyin's plane is circling in the night sky, he suddenly notices a bright area. Outside that area, there are only spare dots of light; inside that area, the lights are dense and the whole area is bright. The closer the plan approaches the ground, the brightness of that area gets more noticeable.

Bai Luoyin flies toward that area involuntarily. As he lowers the altitude, he starts to notice that the different kinds of lamps are placed orderly, and the colors become more discernable. On the periphery, there are millions of blinking colorful Christmas lights. They blinks so much that it almost makes Bai Luoyin go blind. Further inside are the smart lights that lit up or darken as controlled by computers. The inner most layer are the aviation lights. They're the brightest and the first that Bai Luoyin noticed on the plane.

Bai Luoyin's plane circles around this huge plain if lights. This large are of lights can appear completely unordered to people on the ground. They can only see the tip of an iceberg at a time. But to someone high above in the sky like Bai Luoyin it is different. He can clearly the changing patterns.

Hearing the dumbing noise from the night sky, Gu Hai finally put the remote control he has been holding all night long for the past three days to good use.

Bai Luoyin was about to turn on the monitoring system on the plane for recording and taking pictures when all of a sudden numerous rays of strong light come in through the cabin windows. Upon lowering his eyesight, his hand that is holding the shift immediately freezes.

The aviation lights have been turned to the highest intensity and are now blinking in a high frequency to spell out eight big words.

"Bai Luoyin, let's get married! "

Bai Luoyin is dumbfounded. His head is no longer in a working order. He doesn't even know how he managed to land his helicopter. He only remembers that, at the moment he touched down, his heart, that has been flying in the wind for the past few days, has come crashing back inside his body.

After opening the cabin door, he spends a long time waiting for his eyes to adjust to the intensity of the lights. At a distance where his eyes can focus, a man is standing there. Bai Luoyin takes big steps towards him.

When the two are only two meters apart, Gu Hai suddenly takes a big step forward, grabs Bai Luoyin's shirt collar, and throws a painful punch across his face.

"Where on earth have you fucked around these past few days?"

Bai Luoyin moves his lips but no words come out.

Finally, the one who hit the other starts crying and forcefully hugs Bai Luoyin, tightly pressing on Bai Luoyin's back, and angrily yells, "I worried so much that I nearly lost half my life. Next time you leave without a word like this, I'm going to fuck you to death after you get back!"

The tear that had been welling up inside Bai Luoyin's eye finally rolls down.

Gu Hai tones down his emotions, pushes Bai Luoyin away and asks, "Did you see the handful of big words blinking a moment ago?"

Bai Luoyin makes an umm sound.

"Do you agree?" Gu Hai asks nervously.

Bai Luoyin opens his mouth after a long period of silence: "I can't bear you a child and you can't bear me a child."

Gu Hai's two hands reach out to hold Bai Luoyin's face, before clearly speaking one word at a time: "You are my child. Loving you alone my whole life is enough."

Bai Luoyin is speechless and remains silent.

Gu Hai puts Bai Luoyin's fingers that are covered with scars in his mouth and lightly bites them, "Didn't you say this? I gave you your life, and so you are my child. You also gave me my life, and so I'm also your child."

Upon hearing this, Bai Luoyin can no longer hold back his emotions. While crying, he forcefully bites Gu Hai's neck.