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"If you're sick, go take medicine quickly."

"You are my medicine."

Source: Book 1 Chapter 26


"A husband that does not want to f*** his wife is not a good husband."

Source: Book 1 Chapter 84


"I should also pray."

"Others are praying for their next lives. What are you praying for?"

"I don't wish for a next life. I only hope to accompany you for the rest of my life."

Source: Book 1 Chapter 202 and Book 2 Chapter 96


"I can't bear you a child and you can't bear me a child."

"You are my child. Loving you and you alone for the rest of my life is enough."

"Didn't you say this? I gave you your life, and so then you are my child. You also gave me my life, and so I am also your child."

Source: Book 2 Chapter 96

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